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  • Replacing Apache with the X3 Native Platform Protocol (SADSFQ)

    Today X3 Family, we will be discussing a new platform component change regarding Apache. The Apache web server is no longer needed as of Sage X3 2022 R2 (12.0.30). 

    The Apache web server was used in earlier releases of Sage X3 to transfer static files…

  • Clone a user? Possible component?

    Is there something available to clone a user?

    Without going into a lot of details, this request is the result of COVID.  Due to the nature of some businesses, COVID caused a huge decline in the workforce.  Now those workforces are ramping backup.


  • 2014 sage 300 advanced - kit items do not print component qty's on pick list

    Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to have component quantities print on a pick list for a kit. is this a form modification or is there another modification that needs to be completed? I am able to see the component list which is part of what…

  • Edit components in production boms


    I have a question about production boms. 

    I need information how change components in production boms?

    I need information how add and delete.

    Thank a lot


  • Sage CRM 2020: Suppressing Display of Duplicate Meeting Records in Company and Person Context

    A component that implements this feature can be found in the download folder "Example components and developer resources". You will need to be logged on to the community with the correct rights to be able to access this library of resources.…
  • Customizations and components for systems that lack an extensibility (Enterprise Integration Server) license

    You can see in the image below that I am using a system with both a license that contains both Enterprise Integration Server and Developer rights.
    Either of these rights would allow me to create a component containing metadata changes and files that…
  • Searching for a Person by Business Address. An example of codeless customization.

    A customer had a business requirement to be able to search for people and filtering them by either their business or home address.

    When an address is entered into the system for a person a user can specify the type of address as can be seen in the screen…

  • Making the Best Use of a component Parameter Screen

    If you have created a set of customizations for Sage CRM the probably you do not want to spoil the users experience by presenting an empty parameter screen when a System Administrator comes to install the product.

    For example the System Administrator…

  • Some thoughts about removing a component. (This will help when planning to remove a custom primary entity).

    I didn't intend to write this as an article. Like many of my posts it was simply going to be an answer to a question in the forums but when it grew in length I decided it would work better as an article. But I must stress that these are only my initial…

  • Cloning an Opportunity using the ASP COM API

    I have written earlier about cloning or copying existing records. Please see the article Using the COM API to Clone a Record.

    This article provides a worked example on how you can use that article to add a button to the opportunity summary screen that…

  • Sage CRM and Referential Integrity

    One of the great strengths of Sage CRM is its openness. Its data model is documented and published and available to members of the Developer Program.

    In some applications relationships between the different entities may be fixed or defined within the…

  • Component Recording

    When working with the Component Manager it is possible to record customizations that you make and input to another CRM system.

    This is an extemely handy feature saving lots of time , effort and possible tantrums. Recording a component is very straighforward…

  • Adding Derived Fields in Views into Metadata

    I originally wrote about creating derived fields in a view in the article "Custom_Edits and Derived Fields Created in Views". This discussion is a continuation of the ideas expressed in that article and will show how meta data definitions of a calculated…

  • Creating a New Entity using COM API ASP

    This article has been updated to allow download from this site.
    I have written before many times about creating ASP pages to support access to a custom entity.
  • Moving Files Using the Component Manager

    The component manager allows us to deliver not only Meta Data changes to a system but to also drop in and manage files like new logos, icons, and ASP files.

    This article will cover the methods
    • CopyASPTo()
    • CreateNewDir();

    Syntax: CopyAspTo…
  • Using Logos and images in Component (es and ecf) Files

    It is very easy to include a company logo in the es component script file

    For example:

    AddMessage(''<img src=http://localhost/CRM/img/Icons/Admin.gif>;');

    But the Component Parameter file (ecf) causes us a problem. Most tags are converted…
  • Where am I?

    When working with CRM you may have a requirement to know the servername and install names with which you are working.
    System Options

    There are a few nice techniques that we can use in ASP pages. For example the COM API has a method that allows us to…
  • Scripting Escalation Rules in a Component

    I found this a very interesting issue. If you have created an escalation rule outside a workflow you will not be able to find a place where the component manager script can be generated. So how or where can you get the script of an escalation rule that…
  • Can't download data'


    I am trying to use the Sage CRM app for iPhone and clicking the 'download data' button does nothing..

    I have installed the component on CRM and CRM runs both on port 80 and 443...

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this working…

  • Component script: AddView - SData checkbox


    We found out that it is not possible to deliver a component with a view that is meantto be available for sdata.

    The AddView script does not have a parameter for this. The result is that we sometimes experiences problems and it takes a lot of time…

  • Component script function TableExists

    Hi @all,

    in component scripts you can use the function TableExists(%Tablename%) which returns true, if the table exists in Custom_Tables.

    When I run this function with the name of a custom table (e.g. TableExists('My_Own_Table')), it returns false although…

  • Available Components missing from Component Manager Screen

    It appears that all the components that were created have gone missing.

    If I go out to the Component Manager, all of the available components that were there are now gone.

    I can go to the components table and see a listing there and I can go out to the…

  • CRM mapping component using addr_state code instead of translation

    Hi Guys,

    I installed Sage's mapping component and found that it searches for the code of addr_state field instead of the translation. e.g. Code Westerncape = translation Western Cape. The component will look for westerncape which is is incorrect. It should…

  • The Mapping Component and Sage CRM v7.3

    If your customers like, and use, the Mapping Component, you may encounter an issue when upgrading them to 7.3.

    The component as it currently stands uses its own jquery library file, and a local copy of the OpenLayer api & style sheet. Both of these can…

  • Mapping Component - search doesn't include the company postcode.

    I and the team here love the mapping component but it has one important flaw; it doesn't automatically include the postcode in the address in the search box when locating a company. This means that the pin is often some distance from the actual location…