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  • Transport allowance

    Good Day,

    We have consolidated some of our branches and we need to provide the effected employees with a small transport allowance monthly (not reimburse, upfront - to pay the additional taxi fair to the new branch)

    How must this be declared on the payslip…

  • Edit a customer CODE in TAS Books 2

    I would like to Edit a customer code. The only suggestion i could locate for this is to use the 'Maintain Customers' option

    2. Sales >  1. Customers >  1.Maintain Customers

    However in doing so - it seems the CODE cannot be edited.

    in fact…

  • How to Post Purchase Invoice via Code


    We want to post Purchase Invoices from code after it has been saved, we have done a similar customization for the Suppliers and it works perfectly. 

    However, for the Purchase Invoices, it does not execute. 

    Here is the code snippet we use. It gets invoked…

  • 4GL - Reading a field value and formatting

    Hi all,

    I would like to read a value from a field (TEXT) and If the user entered a value different than only numbers the system will replace all non number characters to blank.

    something like :    replaceAll('[^0-9]', '')

    is it possible?

  • Products - can you use supplier No and our no on products and if yes how do you feed that to purchase orders

    We have our own product no & also need the supplier product no - can we put this on Sage 50 Accounts and if we can how.  Also if it can be done how do we show both numbers on our Purchase orders?

  • Support Agreements - tax codes

    Good afternoon.  I have a few software support agreements, some of which I'm charged VAT on, others not.  The ones that do not contain VAT... which tax code should I use?  It think t2 and t9 are the most confusing codes!

  • New product codes for old ones with same purchase info ?


    I want to create new products code for all the existing ones with better alpha numeric and logical product codes however i will like to have the old product code data on it like last purchase, re order level ,re order quantity and purchase info

  • When sage will introduce function of hiding unused Nominal code and customers and suppliers?

    We set a lot of nominal code for individual events, but now  we used project, so we want to hide those unused NC.  Who knows Sage will introduce the new function of hiding unused NC? 

  • Sales Order Analysis Code Field Type


    In Sage 50 Accounts Professional, is there any way I can change the field type of an Analysis Code on Sales Orders from free text to numeric/integer. Alternatively - can I make a predefined list of allowed values?



    Hello, I'm based in the Republic of Ireland. What is the VAT Code for purchase of goods not for re-sale at the Standard Rate within the EU? Is it T18.? Thanks,

  • Progress bar in Sage X3 4GL

    Hi everyone, I'm using "Call OUVRE_BOITE From GESECRAN" to show a popup window with a progress bar while doing some stuffs.
    How can I show the same popup window but with 2 bars, the first for the main task and the second for the sub tasks…

  • Error Code 20: Windows 10

    Many Windows 10 users are experiencing an Error code 20, this is caused by a Windows 10 update where the option Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support is enabled.

    Please follow the attached links to resolve the error:

    Error Code 20: Windows…

  • Read CLOB file that is not stored


    We have a string returned into an XML format the we store as Local Clbfile variable. 

    What is the best way to get a string out of this variable?

    Kind Regards

  • How to add multiline text in classes and representations?


    How do I add multi-line text in classes and representations?

    I used to do this in the screen field (graphic object multi-line)

    Best Regards

  • Using IMPORTSIL in V7 style coding


    How do I use IMPORTSIL in V7 classes and representations style coding?

    "Call IMPORTSIL("YBPP", WNOMFIC) From GIMPOBJ" doesnt work anymore.

    Best Regards

  • Production BOM's - Customization V6.5


    We are trying to add a customization to the Production BOM screen (BOD1), which adds the average cost from ITV onto the mask for the screen BOD1. I have written the following code:

    Case ACTION
    When "OUVRE" : Gosub OUVRE
    When "LIENS…



    First of all I have to say that I am a beginner on SAGE X3 environment, so it is possible I ask very easy question......sorry for that

    I have to read the content of an ascii delimiter file to generate accountancy entries on X3 V9

    To do this,…

  • RE: Calling Object from Code

    1+2 .
    that makes it 8 sec per delivery which is slow but make sense, but even if it was faster is not good enough for you. it seems that X3 is not a good solution for you...

    I think the importer is not the one that takes the time, it is the time to…

  • I was wondering if anyone has information on calling SQL stored procedures from within X3 code?

    I have a stored procedure I would like to call to populate a work table as a preprocessor to an SQL client requester. Syntax would be helpful. Thanks

    SQL stored procedure call from X3

  • How to call / trigger a Workflow Rule in Code?


    Does anyone know of a way to call, or trigger a Workflow Rule from within code?