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  • Is it possible to integrate data from Sage 200 using access to the Sage database?

    Hello Team,

    Could you clarify, is it possible to integrate data from Sage 200 using access to the database?

  • Sage 1000 api and or sdk


    I have sage 1000 and am looking for help on getting documentation for the API or access to the SDK for this version, can anyone advise where either of these can be obtained? Extensive Google searches have yielded no results.

    Any help would be greatly…

  • Create Quote in Sage 200 Extra API

    Is it possible to create quotation on Sage 200 Extra API (via Postman)?

    I have no exposure/experience on Sage 200 so I'm relying on Sage docs which unfortunately not the best out there. 

    I can get quotes according to…

  • Validação de totais de um documento

    Boa noite,

    eu tenho um pequeno programa que lê emails e cria faturas com base nesses mesmos emails.

    Na versão anterior do sage funcionava tudo 5*, estive agora a atualizar o código e agora não consigo calcular o valor total do documento.…

  • Sage 300 API Question [On Premise]


    We are using Sage 300 (version 2020) on premise with a perpetual concurrent user license using the desktop screens exclusively. We have a 3rd party CRM solution that we would like to integrate with Sage. I am by no means familiar with SAGE development…

  • Machine to machine authentication with Sage 200


    We're trying to integrate Sage 200 REST API with our .NET 5 API. We don't want the user to login via the browser so I'm asking if machine to machine authentication is possible. 

  • NF-e API Deprecated - Descontinuação do serviço API NF-e (Cloud)

    Prezados Clientes e Parceiros, 

    Informamos que por motivos técnicos o serviço de emissão de NF-e através da API NF-e (Cloud) será descontinuado em 15/12/2021.

    Os Clientes que ainda consomem a API…

  • CS0120 Options for Calculated fields

    I was having a discussion in another post but it was getting too long and I figured this might be a good post for others to find. Trying to grab a lot of data from Sage, and I was pointed to CSO120. It's been great so far, but I've run into a couple snags…

  • Speed of the Browse Filters

    I'm calling the browse method and trying to find an order by number. This code takes around 4-5 minutes. Are these method really that slow?

    var view = OpenView("OE0520");
    view.Browse("ORDNUMBER = 5555555555", true);

  • Integrating Sage with Adobe Sign in

    Good day

    I would like to know if it is possible to integrate Sage with Adobe Sign for e-sign in. I went on the Adobe page but there are no instructions for Sage. But I would like to know if is possible to do that

    And if it is, how well can one go about…

  • Automatic sales receipt allocation (API)

    We currently use Sage 200 Cloud and the Sage APIs to feed in data from our bespoke ERP system.

    We post an average of about 800 receipts a day, prior to invoices being raised, and therefore there are tens of thousands of unallocated receipts, even though…

  • Calling .net API FilterFetch on Customer View gives Attempted to read or write protected memory error

    FilterFetch on a client machine is throwing the following error on customers. Works on my local machine

    Unhandled Exception: System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is…

  • How to pass data to a CLOB type parameter by API?


    I have a field of type ACRTF added to a representation and its class. I followed the online documentation, looking for: "How to add a clob text to a representation class".

    When I test with postman, I have problems with the ACRTF type field…

  • The program UP0023 has been deleted or damaged .net API Order Insert

    var view = OpenView("OE0520");


    view.Fields.FieldByName("ORDNUMBER").SetValue(order.OrderNumber, false);
    view.Fields.FieldByName("CUSTOMER").SetValue(order.CustomerID, true);

    This code is returning…

  • How to figure out errors ViewExceptions .NET API

    I'm trying to insert an order using the API - and I'm getting back an error that just says 6666

    How can I find what this means, and in general, is there a way to get the COM exceptions and error codes? I know how to get session.Errors, but that…

  • Does ACCPAC.Advantage depend on Windows.Forms?

    Trying to use the .NET ACCPAC.Advantage library in a console app and it's saying I need a ref to windows.forms DLL? Is this normal? Do I really need win forms?

  • Add inventory adjustment API

    I want to obtain the specific records of inventory adjustments to connect to other systems, but there is no inventory adjustment API. I hope to add inventory adjustment APIs.

  • Possible to create a new employee using the Sage Micropay API?


    Is it possible to create an employee (or user or person or other relevant vernacular) using the Sage Micropay API found here? From viewing that link, it appears you can only GET employee details, there's no POST or PUT employee requests.


  • SAGE 50c API

    Bom dia a todos

    Tenho uma pequena questão que gostava de esclarecer convosco.

    Utilizando o produto/licença sage 50c, é possivel usufruir dos serviços desta open API : ?

    Ou de outra…

  • Sage One API Invoice Lines Required Error

    I am having a problem with the Sage One API when trying to send an invoice to Sage. It keeps telling me the invoice lines are required.

    They are definitely there. A form dump to JSON yields the exact same JSON structure from the API documentation. The…

  • Sage API Key South Africa

    I have been trying to get an API key to create an integration for my own business. Every link that is supposed to tell me how to get one, is broken. They don't reply to emails. 

  • Incomplete API response

    Hi All,

    While creating a custom system for a client, I have noticed that "OutstandingInvoices" & "OverdueInvoices" values are not being returned at all when calling customer/get endpoint. These two fields are however shown in the api documentation.…

  • Using the APIs to POST journal Data...

    Has anybody built a connector in ASP.NET C# to allow their customers to send their Journal data from their system to Sage Cloud Business Accounting via the SAGE APIs for POSTing Journal data or GETting journal data?

  • Sage 300 People API

    Hi All, 

    I remember there was mention of the new API via WebESS functionality being available from this month - do we have any information on this so we can start working through it and test it?


  • Requête GET REST API pour récupérer tous les enregistrements


    Je souhaite faire une requete GET en REST API pour récupérer tous les enregistrements d'une représentation.

    Je sais récupérer un enregistrement donné en utilisant: https://srve:8124/api1/x3/erp/TEST…