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  • Locating your serial number

    Want to know how to locate your serial number so you can finish installing the latest Sage 50 US 2023.0 version?

    Head over to this article

  • How long should we wait after order confirmation?

    We order Sage 50 US nearly 10 hours ago. I would expect some confirmation by email. We've yet to receive anything, don't have a serial key.

    We registered for the customer portal, which is barely functioning. Many of the pages load only the header…

  • TASbooks moving licence to different PC

    We have retired a server that hosted the TAS data and licence.

    We migrated the data to a seperate PC and reinstalled TASbooks

    The issue is that once we launch TAS and enter the serial and activation info, It claims success, on click next I get a prompt…

  • Program Activation

    Why am I prompted to activate online now or activate manually when opening a company? 

    Error: "There was a problem activating. Please try again later." or "There was a problem with the activation files for Sage 50."

    Constant prompt…

  • Order Entry 66A not activated in SAGE 300 v2019

    Hello City Fellows,

    I encountered an intriguing issue but first some background details:

    I have SAGE 2012 running on a Windows Server 2008 R2 with SQL Server 2008. 

    On a new server which is  Azure virtual machine I got Windows Server 2019 Datacenter with…

  • Sage 50 2022 Upgrade - Can't Activate


    I've purchased 5 additional licenses and was told to upgrade to 2022 to get the licenses to activate. I've upgraded our server to 2022, but when I go to activate it tells me the sage activation serves cannot be reached and to try again later. Is…

  • Sage 50 2019 version installation


    Can some one help me with 2019 sage 50 installation on windows please


  • Re-Install, Activation and Registration of Sage 50 Premium 2017

    We purchased Sage 50 Premium 2017 back on November 4th 2016. It was licensed to our company. I have the serial number, the account ID, the key code and the invoice from Sage giving us the download link, etc. We were allowed to have it on 2 computers so…

  • How do I fix a faulty Payroll Expiry message?

     I updated 2020 Premium 2User with Payroll software ( renewed in July 2020) to the 2020.2 version, but now I no longer have my payroll activation.  My Portal account simply confirms that I do have an active plan, but my software will not retrieve the Payroll…

  • Activation Key Code

    Hi there,

    I am having troubles with my registration info that was sent to me. The email that was sent to me from Sage regarding my registration info has errors and I cannot use the activation code. This is the info that was sent;

    Company name: Graham R…

  • Still waiting

    I am already behind on my sage 50 2 assignments I am still waiting for a key code that is 23 characters long....I do have an activation code that is 31 characters long, which idk what to do with....please help!!!!

  • Key Code


    I have tried to email [email protected] about my key code and have not received an automatic reply that others have seemed to receive. I am looking for a key code for version 2018. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

  • Sage 50 Premium 2015 Activation Code

    I have contacted the Sage email [email protected]

    They only send codes for 2018 - 2019 automatically.

    I need an activation code for Sage 50 2015 version. How can I get a 2015 activation code.

  • Asking about activate key code

    Hi everyone!

    i have a question about getting activate key code. i did register to have activate key code so many times, but i haven't received any code yet. please tell how can i have activate key code to complete my installation. i using sage student…

  • No Key Code for activation after 5 days

    Hi I've been waiting for my key code to activate Version 2020 (Canada) for 5 days. I have requested a code multiple times and contacted support a few times as well. Thanks.

  • Sage has detected Module Update inconsistencies that require activation for one workstation not others

    I am getting the "Sage 300 has detected module update inconsistencies that require activation on one workstation which happens to be a VM". 

    I can run logged in as the network ADMIN or logged in as the user as long as I run ACCPAC as administrator…

  • activation

    my key code is not working. I got last week is it possible that is expired ?

  • I can not open Sage 50 CA.


    I finished installing Sage 50 CA  in my Windows 10 yesterday, but I couldn't open this program. Every time I click on this program, a message appears: "The available font, MS Sans Serif 8, may not be suitable. If the Home and transaction windows…

  • Unable to register as Student

    I have just purchased Sage 50 Accounting 2018. I have received a serial number for 2018 version but I didn't find any link for student registration. Please help me how to register as a student to get key code.

  • I tried using the codes sent via email to me, but they did not work.

    I tried using the codes sent via email to me, but they did not work. I also sent a verification email to make sure i wasn't doing anything wrong

  • UPDATE: What to do if I haven't received my activation codes for the Student Version of Sage 50 Canadian?

    Dear students,


    Have you visited the site below to register but haven't received an activation code?

    We are currently working to resolve an issue affecting receipt of activation codes for students looking…

  • Activation key code


    I have been waiting all week to receive an email with my activation key code and every time I contact support they say they are unable to help.... Is there anyone who can tell me if I will be receiving my key code any time soon as I have assignments…

  • How much longer will it take to receive activation code?

    I've been waiting 5 days (3 business days) for my activation code email....hoping that this forum will offer some assistance. As a student, this forum seems like the only way to get tech support from Sage...?

  • Installation

    Hi all! 

    I have tried downloading the software but all I got was an e mail. I selected the 2018 version because that is what my instructor said to use for the semester; however, I received an email with only versions 2013, 2014, and 2015 as options for…

  • Product Activation Required?

    Late Friday - end of month....just what I don't need!

    User is getting "Product Activation" Pop-up message when tried to sign-in!

    Message:  "You must activate the product now to continue"

    Sage50-Quantum 2019.0 

    No changes have been…