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  • INFO : Latest MongoDB Support Information

    Please note that from April 2021, MongoDB version 3.6 is at the end of life support phase.  

    More detailed information about MongoDB current and supported versions can be found on the MongoDB Support Policy Page.

    Information about supported Mongo DB versions…

  • Sage X3 12.0.23 Install - Mongodb Install Error - JCE cannot authenticate the provider BC (Bouncy Castle) - ???

    When installing MongoDB, I'm encountering the error below. "Error in validator : exception encrypting data - java.lang.SecurityException: JCE cannot authenticate the provider BC". There are some instructions regarding bouncy castle when initially…

  • Enable log rotation in mongodb

    execute command below in a command prompt after enabling mongdb console 

    db.adminCommand( { logRotate : 1 } )

    check logs in ...\var\log\mongodb\*

    for more information, refer to

  • How to upgrade mongoDb

    MongoDb can be upgraded seperately, best practices such as backup need to be considered to avoid loss of data.

    To perform an update/upgrade, you will need to have a standalone mongodb installation and have knowledge of current setup. Follow process below…

  • What is the correct version of mongodb to use

    The version that ships with installation disk by default the version of mongoDb. Since the October 2018, the installation discs ship with a community edition not an enterprise one. For version and compatibility, navigate to online help. For security or…

  • What the version? : How to tell what version of MongoDB you have.

    Today on “Identifying my Mongo” we are going to look at how someone would know what version of Mongo DB they are running. For those who do not know what Mongo DB is, please visit their website here (

  • Backing up a little thing called Mongo : A Basic Backup and Restore of MongoDB

    Today we are going to discuss how to backup and restore Mongo DB. For those who do not know what Mongo DB is, please visit their website here ( Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) uses Mongo DB as a storage database…

  • Alert: High CPU Utilization by mongod.exe Service impacting performance.

    Issues linked to MongoDB performance have been reported related to MongoDB 3.0 and 3.2. They can cause CPU over-consumption issues on the server(s) running MongoDB in the following releases:


    • SyracuseServer 9.11 and above
    • SyracuseServer 11.11 and ab…