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  • Remote VPN access to Sage 50 ?

    Hello everyone,

    Recently configured Sage 50 Quantum Accounting 2022 in a 5-user networked environment.

    Running the Sage program on a client machine but unable to open Sage when off network, trying to access our Sage server remotely through VPN.

    Have come…

  • Pastel 19 over VPN from remote location

    Good Day to All

    We have the following current setup:
    - 1 server PC at office and 4 workstations

    Due to covid 1 or 2 of our employees will work remotely from home. Is it possible for them to access Pastel 19 from their home laptops?

    The feedback i received…

  • Sage 200 Evolution and remote clients (via VPN) - safe to use?

    Good day,

    We provide remote access for staff using corporate laptops and VPN, and provide staff with virtual machines hosted on the head office network which they have to use (via RDP) in order to access Sage 200 Evolution. This is not a great user experience…

  • Sage over VPN

    I'm new to Sage and all of our users tell me that it runs horribly over a VPN connection.  User with a laptop has Sage 300 client installed... when he runs the application in the office, performance is acceptable.  But when the user goes home and VPN…

  • VPN Timeslips Premium

    Does anyone have best practices using Sage Timeslips Premium 2020 over a VPN connection for the occasional remote user? 

  • Sage CRM 2021: An Overview of System Security

    Sage CRM is a product that has an expectation that its users are going to want to access the system from a wide variety of locations, both inside and outside the corporate network and that they will be accessing it using a range of different devices.

  • SQL Replicator and VPN's


    I am being asked about the viability of using Sage SQL Replicator to push out a SQL copy of our Sage 300 CRE data to a SQL Server hosted in a different part of the country over a VPN.  I know Sage is very anti-VPN when it comes to Sage 300CRE,…

  • SAGE 50 won't open when trying to access database via VPN

    So my owner was looking for a remote access option with our Sage 50 software and I figured to give VPN a try.  The VPN setup was pretty easy since it was built into the router and I can access the mapped drive the Sage database is located with no problems…

  • RE: VPN Requirements - Multiple locations

    There are no official requirements, as using Sage 50 US on a VPN is not supported. Here's the article on that:  

    That being said, there might be someone on the forums who knows a setup that works...

  • VPN Requirements - Multiple locations

    Does anyone know what, or where to find, the necessary hardware\bandwidth\etc requirement to setup multiple office locations using VPN to access the same company file. Thanks in advance.

    Ben Burroughs

  • Multiple Sites


    I have a client that uses Sage 50 and they have two different locations. Location A has a server running Windows server 2012 and multiple desktops and laptops. The server hosts running ADDS and hosts the Sage 50 database as of two weeks ago. Location…