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  • Sage 50 users ask “Should I take the Windows 11 upgrade?”

    As the request to upgrade to Windows 11 keeps appearing on our Microsoft Windows updates list, it concerns me that many people not thinking about the impact to Sage 50 will click the button and take the update. 

    We are following this subject very carefully…

  • Migrate/Extract data from Sage 50 to Sage 300

    How to Migrate company data from Sage 50 Premium 2015 to Sage 300. How do I extract data from .DAT file?

  • CMIS2240

    How to do this  Benefit medical plan and another thing on sage50. 


  • Cómo gestionar RMA con Sage50?

    En las características de Sage50 se detalla:

    • Devoluciones a proveedores con gestión de RMA

    ¿Cómo puedo hacer esto?


  • Sage 50 Accounts ODBC query - transactions missing from audit split table

    I have a long standing (5 yrs plus) excel workbook which is an extract from the audit split table for a client via MSQuery/ODBC.  The client is on V26.  

    I noticed for the first time this morning that there is a large number of transactions missing from the…

  • Nueva configuración de accesos y permisos de usuario a pantallas

    Con la reciente publicación de la versión 50.0.7730 de Sage 50, se ha mejorado la seguridad en el acceso a las opciones de "Imprimir y Contabilizar facturas" del módulo de Ventas, así como a las pantallas de los "…

  • Where are the SDO (Sage Data Objects) logs stored?

    I'm having some difficulty Posting an Invoice via SDO, the .Post() methods just returns "false".

    I'm assuming there must be somewhere I can look to diagnose why I can't update the ledger, as the invoice is added fine.



  • Automatically generate Credit Note for VAT only as a sales and purchase - client request

    In Sage 50 when importing goods we can process and invoice using a T18 code. This automatically generates a credit note for the VAT only and shows the VAT correctly in the VAT return as a sale and purchase. Can this be replicated in Sage 200?

  • Microsoft.Net framework error caused by Sage Exchange


    I've recently had a Microsoft.Net Framework error that started showing up about 2 months ago. I wasn't sure what was causing it, until I tried to process a credit card in Sage 50 and my program informed me that : Sage 50 is unable to process your…

  • Impression lots de factures


    J'ai SAGE 50 Comptabilité Supérieur et doit imprimer des factures en lot. Tout ce que je trouve, que ce soit sur le web ou dans les fichiers d'aide, ne me donne pas la bonne information pour la version du logiciel que j'ai.…


    With the introduction of IOSS on 1 July 2021, to future proof, a VAT code is required for each EU Country, and each VAT Code within each EU Country, which means at least 85 VAT codes on Sage for IOSS reporting alone.  There are currently 99 options for…

  • IGIC en Factura Electrónica


    Estamos emitiendo facturas electrónicas en Canarias y al subir el documento en el portal FACE, la factura aparece registrada con el impuesto repercutido tipo IVA. 

    En el programa está todo configurado con IGIC, pero la factura electrónica…

  • Customer Invoice allocation

    I import both sales invoices & Sales receipts from another piece of software into SAGE.

    Unfortunately, I then have to manually allocate the invoices to the receipts in a seperate task.

    It can be a very high volume of accounts to go through.

    Is it…

  • 64bit SDO

    Please can you update the SDO to run 64bit. We are trying to develop integrations and many programs are 64bit now.


    Al liquidar el IVA 2T , me da el siguiente error:

    En el chat me dicen que las bases del asiento no deben cuadrar con el libro de IVA, sorprendentemente me encuentro asientos con 0,01 y 0,02€ de descuadre en la base imponible de IVA.

    Las he corregido…

  • Different product description depending on the customer

    Some of our customers prefer full details of every single product but the majority of them only want the very basics, i.e. 'Single Cavity Plated Electric Cooker - Model Number' shortened to 'Electric Cooker'. For the occasional item, it's not much of…

  • Why is the 'Use Default Tax Code for Sales' tick box greyed out?


    On a couple of my customers, the tick box for 'Use Default Tax Code for Sales' is greyed out, when T22 is selected as the Default Tax code. Does anybody know what may be causing this? I've never seen it greyed out before and don't know what could…

  • Grayed out fields on Point Of Sale 19.0.2


    I have a challenge with one computer which has grayed out other field on POS on invoicing, quotation etc. the grayed out fiels are Quantity, Description, Ex price and discount basically only code is the only field which is not grayed out. I haved…

  • Report Footer y SumaSigue

    Buenas tardes, me he percatado que en el report de factura al mover los totales a Report Footer el programa no siempre es capaz de mostrar correctamente el valor de SumaSigue del Page Header, me explico:

    Si el documento en cuestión NO tiene ninguna…


    Al crear usuarios a partir del perfil supervisor no solamente hay que restablecer manualmente un montón de autorizaciones para cada uno de ellos lo que es un engorro importante; además dichos usuarios no tienen permiso para consultar documentos de un…

  • MAPI 2 error

    Hi guys

    After adding a exchange email account to an already configured POP email account I get a MAPI 2 error when trying to email invoices , have followed the advise i found on the net ie 2 versions of office , setting your default outlook program and…

  • Impresión Cuentas anuales Balance Situación

    Queremos que el Balance de situación de cuentas anuales nos imprima en diferentes paginas el Activo y Pasivo, Patrimonio neto.

    ¿Es posible?


  • Modificar nota generada por sage50


    Si traspaso de albarán a factura me genera una nota, como podría modificar la nota que genera el programa.Grin




    Quisiera saber si el campo "PAIS" de la ficha de cliente se puede sacar en la impresión de factura, por mucho que lo busco en Sage Reports no lo encuentro para que sea visible.

    Alguien me puede indicar la solución si la hubiera…

  • No Companies in SData Settings


    I cannot view any company in Internet Options> SData settings. Mapped drive is being used so, I have used UNC Path to the folder and provided logon rights of the SData service to the network service but to no avail. I need company's URL address. Urgent…