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  • SDK Support not available from Sage

    Good day

    I sent an email to SDK support ([email protected]) on 9 November 2022 regarding an error on the ImportCSDocument interface that I'm getting. I then sent another follow up on 5 January 2023, including [email protected] as per the recommendations…

  • How to get Account Balance ?

    I try to get Account Balance,  but the value is $0 . How to get correct value ,please ?

    AccountFactory m_Account = m_company.Factories.AccountFactory;
    EntityList<Account> m_AccountList = m_Account.List();
    decimal balance = m_AccountList…

  • Looking for 2018.3 or 2019.0 SDK

    It's unfortunate that Sage don't bother leaving their old SDKs on their site since they take up so little storage space.  I have been looking everywhere on the Internet for Sage 50's SDK for version 2018.3 or 2019.0 (either one will work for my…

  • Register SageMAS500Repository.dll and AddinStdsChecker.dll for version 2023


    I am installing the SDK for Sage 500 2023, but I am unable to successfully register the Framework DLLs SageMAS500Repository.dll and AddinStdsChecker.dll. I am familiar with some of the workarounds in the earlier versions, but they are not working…

  • Sage 500 2023 SDK is now Available!

    The Sage 500 2023 SDK is now available to all certified Partners and Customers. 

    Please send your Sage 500 SDK requests to [email protected]

    Prior year/version SDK are also available.

    Thank you

  • Sage SDK 2023: Method not found "System.MissingMethodException: 'Method not found: 'System.String Sage.Simply.Work.Repository.get_Func31()'.'"

    We have a custom program developed that connects to the sage file and our ERP, and pushed the invoices into Sage. (C#)
    Everything worked prior with 2022.3 SDK. Recently upgraded the software on all machines to Sage 2023.0, and had to install the SDK for…

  • Issue with SDK version 2023

    I have an application that imports invoices to SAGE 50 CA using SDK. It’s written in C#.
    Until version 2022.3 it worked perfectly. I always updated the SAGE 50 and matching SDK as they became available.
    Today, I updated the Sage application and…

  • CS0120 data to accpac finder in COM API

    Is that possible to add CS0120 data to accpac finder in COM API, after browse the sql statement.

    mDBLinkCmpRW.OpenView("CS0120", out csQry);
    sSQL = "Select Name, Description from MYDB.dbo.Table";
    csQry.Browse(sSQL, true);

  • Sage 300 wiki login

    Anyone know how to get a user and password in the wiki page for Sage 300 SDK?



  • Pastel Partner SDK ,Process Sales to invoice via SDK


    I hope someone can assist with my issue or maybe direct me to some kind of support, And yes I have emailed "[email protected]"  with no response.

     I need to update/process an existing Sales order to make it a customer invoice via the…

  • SDK where do I find payments linked to invoices

    I am using Pastel V19 SDK to draw data because the client requires specialised Customer Statements.  Using the ACCTRN combined with the ACCMASD files I can get all the transactions that must be displayed on the statement (I had to import from previous…

  • Anyone have the Sage 50 2019.3 SDK?


    I'm currently making a third party app for a client using Sage 50 Quantum Accounting 2019.3( but I have been given a 2019.0( version of the SDK, which is not letting me use it:

    Message from recources (english version):

    I've looked…

  • Override pricing via sdk

    When entering orders through the SDK, how can we override whatever pricing is loaded already in Evolution because sometimes we have clients that allow reps to override given pricing?

    At the moment, once the pricing is entered and we go on to edit other…

  • Failed to Import the ActiveX Control

    Over the last couple of years, some partners have had an issue where they were not able to add a VB OCX to a WinForms screen as they would receive a message from Visual Studio stating : "Failed to import the ActiveX control. Please ensure it is registered…

  • add Unit of Measure fields to Sage API

    The following fields are currently not available in the SAGE API, yet there are required for a Sales Invoice import when using Multi-Packs:

    1) U/M ID

    2) U/M No. of Stocking Units

    I am requesting to have these fields added to the SAGE API so our shipments…

  • Can you create and save a Purchase Invoice using the SAGE 50 2022 SDK?

    I'm getting a "read-only" error when attempting to save a Purchase Invoice in SAGE 50 using the 2022 SDK.  I need to to know if this is supported or if I might be missing something that is causing this error.

  • SDK user defined field in Job module

    Hi All, 

    I am trying to add the user-defined field in sage 100 contractors using SDK, Anyone knows how to achieve it using SDK?



  • Sales Order numbers not incrementing

    We are facing a challenge with one of our clients when placing orders via the SDK for Pastel Partner. The orders are taking the same order number within Pastel, and the order numbers are not incrementing or changing with each new order added. This has…

  • Sage 1000 api and or sdk


    I have sage 1000 and am looking for help on getting documentation for the API or access to the SDK for this version, can anyone advise where either of these can be obtained? Extensive Google searches have yielded no results.

    Any help would be greatly…

  • SDK invoice 0 $

    I import invoices with a c# program that I made using the SDK. It's working fine, but time to time I need to create an invoice with 0$ total. I'm able to create a sales order and manually transform the sales order to an invoice. Is there a way to do…


    I am in the process of implementing credit note integration with Sage 200 Evolution. How can I get the allocated credit note number back after creating the credit note in Sage? What is the name/member type holding the allocated credit order number?

  • TaxType record with 'idTaxRate = 3' was not found

    Please kindly advise on what might cause this error, see image attached.

    On the Database, there is no such idTaxType, could not add this as the idTaxType is auto incrementing..

  • Fail to use SDK to import Sales Order in Peachtree Accounting 2012

    I fail to import Sales Order into Peachtree Accounting 2012.

    My Peachtree information:
    Release: Sage Peachtree Quantum 2012

    Error Message: The supplied property path 'InventoryItem.ID' has too many levels. Only a single level is supported…

  • Issues loading credit note via sdk where line item needs to be a GL Account item

    hi There

    Looking for some help here on loading a credit note where some lines are inventory items and others need to be loaded as GL Account entries. 

    We have been in touch with SAGE sdk support who sent us this:

                //Order detail for stock Line


  • Pastel 19 SDK Error

    Good Day,

    I hope I'm at the Right Place to Ask this Question, Else can I please be pointed to where to ask this Question.

    We use the Sage SDK to do 3rd Party integration into Pastel, but has now run into a Strange Error on a New Installation that…