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  • Query going to wrong transaction when record is selected

    Good morning 

    I created a query then added it as a gadget to a home screen.  My issue is that when they click on the analysis request number it brings them to the last transaction, not the one they clicked on.  Anyone have any ideas?

  • Creating and using Interactive Dashboards: A round up of articles

    An Interactive Dashboard allows a user to simplify their daily tasks and activity management by providing them with an intuitive workspace that contains their key information. Information from Sage CRM, Sage ERP and external systems like social media…

  • Using an Advanced Find as a Data source for a List Gadget

    Imagine you are a user with no administration rights. Just like 'Peter Johnson' in the demo database. In the demo system this user has the right to see cases, so he can search for them. BUT he can't change the system in any way. Now imagine he…

  • Info Managers and System Administrators can share Gadgets with colleagues

    If a user is an Info Manager or a System Administrator, then they can create Library Gadgets. This means if they have a brilliant idea that can be displayed as an SData, Chart or List gadget then they can build that gadget in such a way as to allow other…

  • Building an SData Gadget to view current users

    In the screen shot below you can see that I have a gadget that allows me to see which users are currently logged on into Sage CRM.

    This is an example of an SData gadget. It's based on a simple view that a System Administrator can create.

    SData gadgets…

  • Decimal Places on Pipeline

    can anyone point me in the direction of where i might change the decimal points shown on these pipelines?

  • Team Calendar in Dashboard


    Is it possible to create a Dashboard Gadget that displays the team calendar?



  • Interactive Dashboards - New Gadgets cannot be selected until after reboot.

    We are running version on premises, Windows Server 2012 R2.

    We I create new reports that are not available to select as list gadgets for Interactive Dashboards until after the server CRM is installed in is rebooted. Metadata refresh and IIS reset…

  • ISSUE: Search select advanced (SSA) fields were not available on gadgets based on custom entities

    Hi Everyone,

    SageCRM_2017R1_ReleaseNotes_EN Document released has stated that

    0-167952-QA - Interactive Dashboard - Search select advanced (SSA) fields were not available on gadgets based on custom entities. This issue is fixed.

    But, this issue still…

  • Interactive dashboard calendar displays time difference to main calendar view

    When i login to the CRM version 7.3a and i arrive at my interactive dashboard. My "My Calendar" gadget displays my appointments 1 hour behind what they should be.

    If i click into the appointment, it shows the correct time scheduled, as does…

  • Interactive dashboard filtering question

    We have two interactive dashboard gadgets created in list view which shows sales orders and quotes. Once viewing the results in the gadget, one of the filter options is 'status'. We'd like to view 'Active' orders and quotes. but, filtering on 'active…

  • Calendar Gadget Does Not Follow User Timezone

    Hi all,

    I have found what appears to be a calendar gadget bug within Sage CRM. The issue is as follows:

    The CRM we've implemented is based on the (UTC -4:00) timezone, this is the timezone we've set on the server. The user on the other hand is located…

  • Dashboard sdata gadget error

    Hey all (again),

    I have a company view saved and marked for sdata, I'm trying add an sdata gadget to my dashboard but I can't get to step 2 and I get an error

    I have restarted Apache-Tomcat, metarefresh etc.. but no luck

    below is the error - anyone…

  • Menus e Dashboard - 2018.50.06 (Build 32)

    Novo gadget no dashboard de Gestão Operacional e Contabilidade com indicadores de desempenho, Volume de negócios, Resultados líquidos, Capital Próprio, Total do Ativo