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  • JE for GST Self Assessed

    How do I record the journal entry for self assessed GST.  I know the GST collected is a debit, GST paid on purchases and payment from my bank a credit. But how do I JE the amount that we paid to Revenue Canada for the GST self assessed on items? Any guidance…

  • How to record GST/QST difference payback?

    Our previous accountant used sage tax report for GST/QST remittance, so there is always a balance in the beginning of period.

    When I reported for Jul-Sep/2020, I cleared all the beginning balance, which included GST/QST to pay amount for period of Jul…

  • How to record this payment to pay back GST/QST

    We had a purchase invoice processed and got GST/QST refund. But later on, the auditor found billing info was wrong, and asked us to pay back GST/QST, how to record this payment?

    This invoice billing info write our another company, so I did a sale invoice…

  • File GST quarterly, do I also need to file annually?

    I have always filed GST annually but this past year switched to quarterly which I have done (using Sage for my reports). This might be a stupid question but if I file quarterly, do I also need to file annually? Or does one replace the other? Thanks

  • Tax Codes

    What settings are needed on a sales tax code so that when you are entering an amount on a payables invoice that the GST it automatically taken out.  For example, when entering a credit card bill, each line item has GST included in the total. I would like…

  • Recording receipts paid by cash by owner

    The owner of our business pays for a lot of expenses out of his own pocket with cash such as fuel, office supplies, meals etc.  In order to record these, I set him up as a vendor under the payables tab, set the expense account to "2110 Shareholder loan"…

  • Tax code GST and PST in Canada

    Hi there,

    Our client is in Canada. There are two types of input taxes: GST (5%), PST (7%)

    In general, GST is 100% recoverable (deductible) while PST is not recoverable.

    As an example, I have an invoice for $112, (100 net + 5 gst + 7 gst)

    The accounting…

  • Capital Lease - GST/HST

    Looking for some advice on how to record ongoing GST/HST (Newfoundland and Labrador: 15%) for a capital lease...situation as follows:

    Company recently entered into a capital lease agreement for 5 years, 8% interest, monthly payments (including interest…

  • Setting Up Tax codes in Pro 2019

    When setting up tax codes in  Sage 50 Pro 2019 It will not add the PST. But we successfully set up the GST. Why can we set up one, but not the other?

    It just blanks out the entry without providing any error message.

    Thank you.

  • Road to SST - Know How

  • Road to SST - Know How

  • Road to SST - Know How

  • GST while processing AP Invoices in PO module


    I'm looking at processing AP invoices in PO module and the issue I have is around GST. We are in Canada fyi.

    We don't include GST on PO as tax and add GST line while entering invoice in AP module. But PO module won't allow entering any new…

  • record 5% GST or 13% HST

    I have a client who is based in BC.  He was contracting his services to a company that used to also be based in BC.  However, this company has been taken over by one in Ontario.  Now when he is getting his royalty payment they are adding on 13% HST rather…

  • V11 _how to_goods-services-tax-gst-report

    Hi All

    I was really excited to read about the new additions to X3 in relation to GST. (GESGST).  However  I am interested to know if anyone is using it?

    The report only works for invoices processed through sales, purchases, Accounts payable and Accounts…

  • Exchange gain/loss - revenue vs expense and GST/HST filing "sales and other revenue" line 101

    Should we actually be using 2 different accounts for exchange gain vs exchange loss? It doesn't matter for the bottom line, net income will end up the same either way:
    Hmm... seems you can only configure one for the program to use automatically for…

  • Customizing an estimate

    I'm attempting to create a customized cost estimate form in Sage50 Premium Accounting.  It is going fine except I don't want to show GST in my cost estimates.  Is there anyway to remove this from my estimate?  It doesnt show up as a field in the…

  • GST Remittance

    I have been doing some googling and it seems everybody has a different way of doing their GST remittance but I have been advised against doing it through Sage online filing.

    My question is which report should I use to make it accurate?

    I was using the…

  • Goods and Services


    Is there a way to put only Goods and Services taxes when I do an invoice entry?


  • First time posting a partial payment towards my GST account. Not sure how.

    So in previous years, when it came time to pay our GST remittance - we were able to pay it in full by using the "Make other payments" window by entering the "Paid on purchases" amount as a negative, and the "Charged on sales" amount as a positive. Entering…

  • Procedure of Purchasing from non-functional currency Vendor - Import Tax

     We are from Australia.

    We have set up two tax classes on supplier.

    When we made a purchase:

    1) Within Australia, GST Purchase

    2) Outside of Australia, GST Free Purchase (as the GST will be dealt with the freight company who deliver the goods to us)

  • GST Tax Summary.

    When I print off  GST Tax Summary and then check these figures against the Income Statement (minus everything that needs to come off), the CRA Submission $ is different.  Does anyone know why this would be?

  • GST and Income Tax payable

    Ok so I have been working hard entering Historical data for 2014 and finishing 2015 and last night it occurred to me that maybe I posted my GST owing and my Income Tax owing wrong.

    I am a sole proprietor so I run Jan-Dec.  I did not need to do installments…

  • GST Paid on Purchases - Previous Year

    In doing my 2014 taxes, I realized my GST Paid on Purchases is not being calculated. Fixed that in current year 2015, but now do I need to restore to fix in 2014 and transfer GIFI codes to Ufile?

    Why is SAGE so ridiculous? This will be the 2nd time I…

  • what is the difference between 2325 GST/HST Adjustments and 2330 ITC Adjustments

    I have never heard of ITC and from what i read online for me its the same as gst/hst... i must be wrong as in my list of accounts I have:

    2325 GST/HST Adjustments

    2330 ITC Adjustments

    what is the difference between the two?