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  • Configure your view - Add / remove columns in a couple of clicks...

    In Sage 50cloud Accounts it's easy to add, remove and resize columns to suit your needs. You can do this in each module, for example, Customers and Suppliers, plus many additional windows with list or grid views.


  • Rearrange Columns for Records

    Would like to be able to rearrange columns within records. For example within Fixed Assets it's not possible to have Desription 2 and 3 be next to Description 1, it has to have Book Value between them.

  • Sales Order Lines Column Format suddenly changed?

    I'm hoping someone will have experienced something similar. Today our Sales Dept. reported that the columns in the Lines tab for Sales Order Management had suddenly changed. As you can see below there are now EDI PO Line, EDI L UDF1, & EDI L UDF 2 being…

  • Character Limitations

    Currently SAGE 50 only allows for 15 characters in the country field and 2 in the state field. When shipping overseas this presents problems as some country names exceed that character limitation. Or, in a place like Australia the state abbreviations are…

  • List - Control the column width

    Is it possible to adjust the display width of a list page?  I have the following list page and I would prefer that the Reference number did not "wrap" to the next line.  Is there a way to force this column to always default to a fixed width?

  • Converting default ntext fields from an old install of CRM to nvarchar(max)

    This is a SQL script that will solve the problem associated with on-premise accounts that still have some ntext fields in their database from older versions of CRM.

    The ntext fields do not allow some of the actions that are used in the views of CRM, DISTINCT…

  • Creating a compound filter (filterWhere) using the Client Side API

    This article is about the client side API.

    Specifically this article is concerned with how to write a script to handle the information within a grid and then apply an action to the cells, row or columns of the grid where more than one criteria is needed…

  • Control of Grids, Lists and Columns Using the Client Side API

    The Client Side API contains methods that make it much easier to select rows, columns and individual cells for manipulation. Properties can be set, new data displayed in tool tips and the style of each cell can be changed.

    The documentation contains a…

  • Useful Date Functions

    Occasionally you will need to fetch a date from either the CRM database or perhaps from an external system that is then needs to be formatted so it looks like a CRM date.

    All users are able to set their date preferences.

    The are other articles that…

  • Building Lists without reference to Meta Data in the ASP COM API

    Custom Build List
    Above is a picture of a new list added into the My CRM area of Sage CRM.

    The code below shows how a list can be created using the ASP COM API.

    var intRecordId = CRM.GetContextInfo("user","user_userid");
    var Arg = "oppo_assigneduserid…
  • The importance of column prefixes in tables exposed via the Web Services API

    This is a little quirk.

    If you have added a new table into the CRM database that you intend to access via the webservices interface, then be sure that the table column makes use of column prefixes.

    For example if you have added a new project table…
  • How do I remove the Type column from the PersonList?

    The personlist list block is defined under the Admin>Customization>person>lists area but the column for the type is added by the dll. The column draws its information from the translations (custom_captions) that control the different 'types' of person…
  • Team calendar - Agenda and Tasks.

    Hello! We are working with a sale manager that needs to be able to see who the assigned user is on the Agenda and Task screens for the Team calendar. They are currently using CRM 2017 R3.

    Is it possible to add a column to the Team Agenda and Task…


    This has happened a few times now and I don't know why. I have a sales invoice open and entering items. Then the column will turn blue and I can not open item numbers or change them. It is like they are locked. Any idea what is happening?

  • To be able to add columns on the Record Purchase Invoice Screen

    Under the 'Select Order Items to Match Invoice' field in Record Purchase Invoice, would it be possible to be able to add columns for further details of an item (e.g. part code)?

  • Why wont the sales windows columns stop automatically resizing?

    It's quite annoying. The Windows and the columns within them keep resizing themselves. The sizes I select will not stick. Is there some kind of a hack or tweak that will keep the sizes fixed? I don't need the TAX CODE, QUANTITY, ORDER, etc columns to…

  • "Total" on the Lists

    I would like to have a "Total" on  Reports that would multiply ""-Qty on Hand-  X -Last Unit Cost-""      Could be on the {Inventory Valuation Report}  

    As it stands now,  you can pull up the "Item Value" on the =Columns= lists…

  • Memorizing a report doesn't memorize the columns chosen?

    I use the "Transaction Detail Report" quite a bit and always need to remove 4-5 columns.  I found this annoying so i tried to memorize the report with the appropriate columns and figured I would apply the filters to the memorized report.  However…

  • Sage 50 Forms Designer - Adjust column widths

    I am trying to lay out my invoice but have gotten stuck laying out the columns for the invoice. Right now I have two columns, Description, and Amount. They are both equal in width which looks sort of strange. I want the description column to be, say,…