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  • Estimating Assemblies Building - Offline

    We have a diverse amount of experience in our estimating department. Our assemblies have always been high level without a ton of details because we sub out 90% of the work. We have many junior estimators that have worked in the subcontracting world and…

  • Quantity on Sales Orders

    Hi, I have a number of similar assemblies on multiple different sales orders at the same time.  What I'd like is to make a report of all the individual components I need to order for them, but the problem is that all I see is the assemblies themselves…

  • Cross Site Assemblies


    Is it possible to do cross-site assemblies?

    This means:

    Receive product in e.g. site A but the components is issued from site B?

  • Make bill of material and Assemblies

    How do you structure a purchased part with a make bill of material? We’re making an assembly with stock items, and then we send that assembly item out to be plated which has a cost to it. How do we capture this cost in Sage when we go to do an inventory…

  • 2014 sage 300 advanced - kit items do not print component qty's on pick list

    Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to have component quantities print on a pick list for a kit. is this a form modification or is there another modification that needs to be completed? I am able to see the component list which is part of what…

  • Assembly Journal Import

    For the past several weeks I've been trying to import my old Peachtree 2009 data into Sage 50 Premium 2021 and everything has been smooth until I import the BOMList Journal and Assembly Journal.  I've followed the import/export instructions step by step…

  • Estimating Assemblies

    How do you make one time assembly containing a one time item in it and saving it to the estimate only?

    Thank you

  • How import assembly doc?

    Hi everybody.

    I need import assembly doc, but now in X3 V12 this object hasn't active import check.

    I try to active and create import template, but all time system says that first line are not completed, and don't create doc.

    First, in BBY Object…

  • How do I deal with scrap in an assembly?

    I am producing steel pipe (item 2) from a coil of steel (item 1). 

    for example an 8000 kg steel coil produces 1200 - 6 foot pipes and 34 kgs of waste steel.

    How do I deal with the scrap steel?

  • Where does assembly put allocated units?

    Before somebody presses the create button on the assembly screen, we have to select a lot to consume for the new assembly product to be created. When we select the lot, what is happening to that lot in the backend of sage?

    I dont see an allocation record…

  • Importing Assembly Data

    Has anyone successfully imported assemblies? I was attempting to rebuild our company, but when I try to import the assembly data exported, the first row in each assembly fails due to an error in the quantity built column. When reviewing similar questions…

  • How to create and maintain Assemblies in Sage Estimating?

       Looking for a course or training video on how to create, edit,  and maintain Assemblies in Sage Estimating. We are on version # 17.13.17326.401.

  • Accessing other assemblies from CRM .net dlls

    The Problem:

    Sometimes you may want to share code across your custom CRM pages that are generated from seperate assemblies. For example you may want to define a Web class for a list page of Custom Entity A and use it in your app factory for Custom Entity…

  • varying ratio raw material vs. finished product

    We have a varying ratio of raw material vs. final product. Only at the end of the month we can find out the real ratio after having done an inventory count. How can this be properly processed in Sage 50?

    Here is what I would like to do:

    Inputting all…

  • Assembly Building


    I am trying to build an assembly for concrete footings and having trouble figuring out the best way to go about it. I have built plenty of other assemblies and they work great, but this time around I am stumped.

    My goal is to have one single assembly…

  • Set Default Selection not working

    I had created a bunch of assemblies that included items to be selected at takeoff.  For those items I had selected a "Set Default Selection" so that in the takeoff window the list would automatically go to the appropriate phase and item.  Now…

  • Deleting an assembly

    What if any are the ramifications of deleting an assembly?  I am not certain if both of the assemblies have been used or not.  We are 17.13 SQL version.  Thanks.

  • Discrete manufacturing part swapping

    - The client assembles goods.

    - The Bill of Materials can go up to 5 levels deeps

    - Each component on the BOM is tracked by a serial number

    - When the finished product is sold to client it will be under warranty.

    - Scenario happens that a component malfunctions…

  • Assembly Manufacturing

    We would to setup a client that does assemblies to use manufacturing functions like work orders orders and routings at the same having  the ability to dissamble any of the parts at a latter time if the customer returns the product for warranty servicing…

  • setting an item up for assembly


    This is causing me so much trouble. Please help.

    I buy larger bags in 15kg or 18kg sizes and break them down to as small as 100g units to sell as part of other items.

    I already figured out that my big bag had to be set up as a different sales unit…

  • Replace Stock Item in Multiple Assembly Bill of Materials

    I am replacing 1 inventory item with 3 inventory items across multiple assemblies. It would be awesome to be able to tell Sage to replace that item across the board with the three in all of my assemblies (I have over 20,000) rather than having to go in…

  • Can you create new assemblies? please help

    I am taking off a project but there are plenty of wall types and materials that are not included in the existing assemblies. Is it possible to create a new assembly? Can anyone please answer this question it would be greatly appreciated 

  • Duplicate serial number

    One of our client is using Sage Accpac ERP ver 6.0. They today observed that one of the serial number is being used in two Assembly transactions, though the item remain the same. 

    The serial number still shows available.

    Any ideas on how this could happen…

  • RE: Inventory Levels

    I am a Sage Master Certified Consultant & Certified Trainer. I have helped many companies move in this direction.  This will take time to make this move but with the right direction from an experienced pro, it won't be as difficult as you think. …

  • Bill of Material - a challenging question

    A client sells computer servers. 

    when they order/receive products from their vendor, products come in as pre-assembled. Sometimes they need to remove certain parts to fit customers needs.

    Lets say a typical server consists 5 main components: CD drive,…