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  • New Live Webinar - Bill of Materials - Booking now!

    This webinar explains how to set up and use the Bill of Materials in Sage 50 Accounts. We'll be covering assemblies, sub-assemblies, using the Transfer option and explain how the cost price calculates and stock adjusts.

    Join us live on Wednesday 14…

  • IC Assembly Status Costed

    Hi ,

    I've a database whereas assembly transactions posted but the status is only costed not day end complete, cause of this the GL Transaction is not created. I have run manual day end but still no changes. The setting was day end on Posting, Create sub…

  • Quantity on Sales Orders

    Hi, I have a number of similar assemblies on multiple different sales orders at the same time.  What I'd like is to make a report of all the individual components I need to order for them, but the problem is that all I see is the assemblies themselves…

  • Setting up inventory items and assemblies

    As an example, I sell Receiving Sets which include a Burp Cloth and a Receiving Blanket.  I set up the items Burp Cloth and Receiving Blanket as stock items with the inventory account 12000 (supplies).  I set up an assembly Receiving Set and put in the…

  • From raw material to finished product

    Hello everyone,

    Currently in inventory we have raw materials as stock item and finished goods as Assemblies.

    My question is how to handle the conversion of these raw materials into Products for sale.
    In short, the production.

    Thank you very much.


  • "No Valid Assembly" Message in Sage 100 contractor 9-3

    I would like to start building assemblies but once I try to save the assembly a message pops up that states "There is no valid assembly number to save". This seems so simple but I cant figure it out, or how to save this so I can start to build take offs…

  • Sage 50 for Poultry and Crop Production Business

    Please I need an idea on how to set up and use Sage 50 for poultry and crop production business that produces and sells egg, chicken, feed and agricultural produce. What item class is best for the egg, chicken, agricultural produce and feed produced.…

  • Cannot create a revision

    Some inventory assemblies will allow the creation of new revisions, but other assemblies will not. The "Revisions" button at the bottom of the "Bill of Materials" tab is greyed out and not active. I have searched help to see if there is a setting somewhere…

  • "Unable to complete request at this time" at Interop.PeachwServer.IApplication.OpenCompanySecure(String bstrCompanyPath, String bstrCompUserID, String bstrCompUserPassword)

    I'm trying to login to Sage50 but im getting the above error message.
    Sage50 is opened and Login dialog is opened as well, it just doesn't get past that.
    Please let me know how to resolve this. thanks for your help

  • Accessing other assemblies from CRM .net dlls

    The Problem:

    Sometimes you may want to share code across your custom CRM pages that are generated from seperate assemblies. For example you may want to define a Web class for a list page of Custom Entity A and use it in your app factory for Custom Entity…

  • Modify Assemblies - Change Component

    We have switched a component used in a variety of Assemblies.  We've been able to identify that the original component is used in over 250 Assemblies. 

    There should be a way to EXPORT all those Assemblies that contain AAA123 - change that to BBB456 and…

  • Usage of Items in Assemblies

    Is there a report that can be run that gives you usage statistics for items in assemblies, kind of like I/C Sales Statistics. 

  • Replace Stock Item in Multiple Assembly Bill of Materials

    I am replacing 1 inventory item with 3 inventory items across multiple assemblies. It would be awesome to be able to tell Sage to replace that item across the board with the three in all of my assemblies (I have over 20,000) rather than having to go in…

  • Add a function that will automatically assemble inventory items populated on a particular sales order without having to manually assembling them.

    Once a sales order has been populated with main inventory items that have to be assembled later to become available for sale and matched to the sales orders, give an option to assemble all inventory items populated on a particular sales order automatically…

  • Is it possible to alter labor hours using a calculation without changing the takeoff unit to hours in Estimating Extended?

    I want to add a calculation in my assembly that will change the labor hours behind the scenes. My takeoff unit is EA and I don't want to change that.

    For example:

    If I have a qty of 10, I want my labor hours to be unaffected.

    If I have a qty of 25…

  • How do i find out total number of parts used to make multiple assemblies?

    Hi I am wondering if their is a report that will display the total number of part number "XXX" we have used to build different parts

    Example:  Part A is used to build 15 different things.  I am looking to see how many of "Part A" have been used…

  • I have some "bugs" in my inventory quantities showing up on assemblies. Will Integrity check fix that issue?

    When I tried to build something in the assembly it showed a -1 quantity but when I look at the inventory it shows 0 quantity. I noticed this in several "assembly" items & it started about a week ago. 

    Will running an integrity check clear…

  • Using a labor inventory item in an assembly

    When using a labor inventory item in an assembly, does Sage require the labor inventory item to have a quantity or does it go ahead and apply the labor if the labor inventory item has no quantity (0)?  Other stock items require at least a zero after the…

  • Automatically Build Sub-Assemblies

    My company is using Sage 50 Quantum Accounting 2016.  We started setting up some final products as assemblies.  The BOM for these top level assemblies is comprised of sub-assemblies and these sub-assemblies are in turn made of their own assemblies.  For…

  • Sage 100 Estimating for Earthwork Contractors

    I apologize in advance if I am posting this in the wrong location.  I could not find anywhere to post a question within the Sage 100 support section.

    I have been watching a few of the videos that are offered in the support section, and we also purchased…

  • RE: Sage Stops working when open Bill of Material Report for a specific assembly item

    Kim's suggestion is good but I might be a problem with your Assemblies Revisions.

    Make a couple of backups of your companies data before starting anything.

    Run the Inventory / Bill of Materials Data Synchronization Test.

    This may fix the problem or…

  • Assembly parts duplicating themselves

    When creating a takeoff, we use a combination of parts and assemblies. Our problem is : the assembly parts will duplicate themselves. Does anyone know how to fix the problem? the tech center couldn't help...thanks