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  • CS0120 Options for Calculated fields

    I was having a discussion in another post but it was getting too long and I figured this might be a good post for others to find. Trying to grab a lot of data from Sage, and I was pointed to CSO120. It's been great so far, but I've run into a couple snags…

  • Calling .net API FilterFetch on Customer View gives Attempted to read or write protected memory error

    FilterFetch on a client machine is throwing the following error on customers. Works on my local machine

    Unhandled Exception: System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is…

  • How to figure out errors ViewExceptions .NET API

    I'm trying to insert an order using the API - and I'm getting back an error that just says 6666

    How can I find what this means, and in general, is there a way to get the COM exceptions and error codes? I know how to get session.Errors, but that…

  • Why do some report tasks have a .NET Configuration File?

    During discussion today the question came up "Why do some Sage 500 report tasks have a .NET Configuration file and others do not?"   Since the report task is still written in VB 6 and there seems to be a necessity to interact with .NET because…

  • How to create invoice in Sage 100 using object matrix c# , if you don't manage stock


    Greetings !!!

    I want c # sample code through which i can create invoice entry through object matrix dll for sage 100

  • Get All customers, vendors details using .Net SDK


    How can i get data of all customers and vendors using .NET SDK ?

    In Development Guide I can see there is a method "Load by name", which can only return 1 Customer/Vendor. 

    But I want to retrieve all the Customers/Vendors. Is it possible…

  • Customer integration issue after update to 2020

    We have a customer that just upgraded their Sage 100 product to the 2020 version and are seeing some issues with integrating to our product.  They migrating from Sage 2016.  

    Below is a code snippet of where the issue is coming from.  The error is “CI_NOF…

  • Exceptions with Empty Messages

    Note the is a .NET application written in C#.

    I have an application that imports orders, purchase orders and inventory items into Sage. The customer supplies a file that contains all of the purchase orders w/items. The file is parsed into purchase orders…

  • .net com

    Hello, I already made some vbscripts, I'm trying to build a c# .net application, on examples I saw "STAThread", is there a specific configuration to use this or COM? thanks

  • Sage CRM API Address Type

    How do you specify a type value (e.g. "Billing", Shipping" etc.) when adding an Address Entity via the Sage CRM API (webservice.add). I can't see a relevant field in the list below:-

    address1, address2, address3, address4, address5…

  • TotalTaxAmount SetTaxAmountByRow not working


    I am trying to update invoice's total tax  using below code

    TaxSummaryInfo taxSummaryInfo = journal.GetTotalTaxAmountInfo();
    if (taxSummaryInfo.GetCount() > 0)
    double totalTax = 10;
    taxSummaryInfo.SetTaxAmountByRow(1, totalTax);

  • <Error: 0 in Method UPDATEINT>


    I have the code below for automatic registration/update of the production transactions.

    I've been getting an error on the UpdateInit method.


  • Invalid or missing posting date encountered on Bill of Materials transaction update


    I've been working on automatic registration of transactions for Bill of materials.

    but I've been encoutering this issue for a couple of days now.

    its been throwing me an error that says "Invalid or missing posting date encountered"…

  • Production Entry Revision number


    I've been wondering if there's a way to get the latest revision number from A Bill of Materials.

    I've tried to get the value by uising  oProduction.nGetValue("Revision$", strRevisionNo) but im still getting the "000" revision number.…

  • BM ProductionRegister - New object error:200

    i've been constantly getting the error "System.Exception: <NewObject Error: 200>" when I register the BM production entries.

    here's what I have coded:


  • BOM DistributionLine Error


    I've been wondering for a couple of days now. it seems that the Distribution line is adding a bunch of numbers on my Lot.

     retVal = oProduction.oLines.oDistribution.nAddDistributionLine("B456")


  • Display of TOP content different for CRM objects and ASP or .Net pages

    Hello team,

    have the following problem with the display of TOP content.
    It should be displayed as shown here with the FAV icon and extended information on the right.

    This works in the ASP file and in .Net


    But if I now go and attach an crm object that…

  • Web Services Certificate Error

    I am trying to call an X3 SOAP web services from .Net, but I am receiving a certificate error.  Does anybody know how to override the certificate error when consuming X3 SOAP web services in .Net?

  • Getting screen field value to a variable in .asp

    How can I get and assign the value of an field (advance sesarch list) in a screen to a variable in a .asp?

  • Enable COM SDK / API to run in headless mode

    Sage 50 SDK / API requires the Sage 50 desktop UI to remain open.

    Sage 50 .NET already has this ability implemented exactly how the Sage 50 COM SDK / API should be implemented.

  • How to set date range for customer export? sage50 api question.

    Im exporting sage50 customer details in this code. Please let me know how can I set date range to the exporter object so that will pull only contact updates within certain dates. 


    exporter = (Export)ptApp.CreateExporter(PeachwIEObj.peachwIEObjContactsList…

  • Sage CRM 2021: Using additional parameters passed from a tab or button in a .NET application extension.

    It is possible to pass an additional parameter from a tab or a button. Please see the article "Passing an additional parameter to a .NET dll or ASP page from tab and buttons".

    This article will consider two different approaches that for using…

  • Sage CRM 2021: Passing an additional parameter to a .NET dll or ASP page from tab and buttons.

    It is possible to pass an additional parameter from a tab or a button. The allows a developer to use a single main entity point within the application extension which can then use the extra parameter as a flag to cause Sage CRM to process the page differently…

  • Sage CRM 2021: Controlling field and screen spacing in ASP pages and .NET code.

    Below is a screen shot of the Company Summary screen. Complex screens like this one, either for a system entity or a custom entity, can be built using the APIs.

    A partial rebuild of the Company Summary Screen using the .NET API is actually included in…

  • Redirecting a .Net page back to a system screen or to another custom page

    I have written before how to call a Sage CRM .NET assembly from the user interface. The Developer Guide and existing blog articles discuss how we can call an assembly from a tab menu, a button group, a hyperlink from a grid and how an assembly can be…