What’s this? Elastic Search 6.4 works with Sage X3? Sweet!

Some Good News for those on the latest patch for Version 12 (patch 18); the Elastic Search has finally received an update. In the past, whatever version of Elastic Search that is pre-packed with the original ISO is all that is compatible, but not anymore. Right now, those on Version 12 Patch 18, can update Elastic search to Version 6.4.x (version 11 is coming later). For those of you who have no idea what Elastic search is, I would suggest to you to take a look at their website and read up on it (https://www.elastic.co/). Sage X3 primarily uses it for the search bar at the top of the dashboard once your logged in and for the help topics not linked to online help. Other ISVs and Third party addons can embed their own help documents into the Elastic search so that they can also be accessed from the help functions.

The downside to getting an update to Elastic Search is this:

“The licensing of Elastic Search 6.4 has changed: we will not deliver the Elastic Search setup in future deliveries on our official media for on-premise Customers. Partners and customers will have to download the setup files when deploying Sage X3 / X3 HR.”

Which comes from our Alerts blog next door (if anyone wants to read more on it see attachment)

So, what does that mean? It means that Version 12 Patch 18 is compatible with Elastic Search 6.4 but we’re not going to pre-pack it for you. Someone’s going to have to go to Elastic Search’s website and download 6.4.x version and upgrade the existing install (which is not me).

Now that everyone has a slight understanding, lets figure out how to upgrade Elastic Search….

Just kidding, someone’s already figured it out for us. We have a very nice Knowledge-base article [KBA] that explains (in detail) how to download and upgrade Elastic Search for us. To start we’re going to visit our Sage Knowledge-base (https://support.na.sage.com/selfservice/microsites/microsite.do) and search for KBID # 99424 (just but in the numbers not the whole KBID thing). Should get a returned KBA labeled “How to upgrade Sage X3 to use Elastic Search v6.4”. I highly suggest following this KBA to the “T” and also do the usual “IT” stuff like backing up servers and kicking people off just in case things go far south (like Hades). The KBA consists roughly of 8 steps with a couple bullet point reminders. That should be all there is to it. Follow the KBA and make the proper backups before starting.

Elastic Search 6.4 version compatibility.pdf