What in the “Theodore Roosevelt” is an Architecture guide?

I was scanning through blog posts last week and I realized that no one’s really talked about what an Architecture guide is, in terms of X3-world. I figured I'd give it a shot!

The Architecture guides can be a tricky topic depending on who you talk to or discuss with. Some follow it like instructions or system requirements, and some follow it like guidelines. The reality is -- it’s a little of both, and I will  try to explain why.

The Architecture guide is a document that is released with each major version of Sage X3. Sage X3 R&D puts together system components and requirements that may impact the installation and configuration of Sage X3. This also includes for new installs and migrations/upgrades topics. The point is to give the implementer a "Guide" to look at while considering the layout and installation of the environment. The Guide also lists a few compatibility requirements like Microsoft Office versions or what type of Crystal Report Designer is used for report building. The Guide also references the differences between a single-tier and multi-tier environments and impact to performance each may have.

The Architecture Guide is like a little of everything. It discusses minimum setup requirements, hardware suggestions, compatibility software, suggested layouts and more. It is really a set of Guidelines that can be used as a minimum jumping off point to get Sage X3 installed. Due to the complexity of Sage X3 and the many uses of Sage X3 has to offer; each environment will be uniquely setup and configured, just how no two businesses are the same.

What I preach to people is that the Architecture is a good “Starting Point” for an install, but implementers should be cautious at following the Guide exactly as written. Every install is going to be unique and the base configuration may not work in all situations.


P.S. :

I hope this was helpful to some of you. For anyone who would like more details about the architecture guides, I have listed each of the Knowledgebase article below. You may access these guides via the Sage Knowledgebase website at: https://support.na.sage.com/selfservice/microsites/microsite.do

Note: you may need to log into your sage customer portal account before you can download the guides.

Architecture guide for V5, and V6 (92818)

Sage ERP X3 version 7 System Requirements & Architecture Guide & software compatibility guide. (51617) 

Sage X3 Product Update 8 System Requirements and Architecture guide (67753) 

Sage X3 U9 Architecture and System Requirements Guide (77069) 

Sage X3 V11 Architecture and System Requirements Guide (81934) 

Sage X3 V12 Architecture and System Requirements Guide (94616)