Looking for download links for the latest Sage X3 patch?

Are you looking to upgrade to the next patch level on your Sage X3 system?  Are you wanting to see what patches are available?  Do you need to upgrade your Syracuse server?  Can you just not seem to find where to download the files you need?  Well, here is the info you need.


Just a few things to note before we get to downloading install files.

  • Installs should be done by a certified Sage X3 Partner.
  • Please read each download page and installation instructions thoroughly before attempting to install.
  • It is recommended you install and thoroughly test each patch in a TEST environment prior to installing on production.
  • Ensure you have a verified good backup of your production system before applying any updates.


Now let’s get go find those install files and release notes.


Go to the Sage Knowledgebase (https://support.na.sage.com) and log on to the Portal with your credentials.  

Once logged on, enter 23522 (or X3 download portal) into the Search field and select “Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management (formerly Sage X3): Download Portal

There are two sections to look at under Description.

  •  Full Product Downloads will have the links to download the full General Release for the version chosen including all related resources.
  •  Installation Updates will have the links to download the patches and other related resources that have been updated with this patch, such as Syracuse Server and Runtime.

If you need a patch, choose the version from Installation Updates and you will see each patch available for that version of X3.

**Please Note: Patch sets are not cumulative.  You MUST install patches in order.  If you are on version 12 patch 15 and want to install patch 17, you MUST install patch 16 and then install patch 17. **


Once you have chosen the patch you need, you will find the Readme file (release notes) and installation guide attached to each Download KB as a PDF.