How to display stock availability on a sales order line?

Have you ever wondered if there is an easier way to view available stock without having to go to stock by site or available stock inquires while processing a sales order? Now you can with the new enhancement stock availability on sales order lines that has been added in Sage X3 version 12. This enhancement makes it easier to view stock availability and first date material available on the sales order line.

To use this new feature, parameter SOHVALLIG (Line order valuation) in the sales chapter under MIS group needs to be set to Yes.

Also, on the sales order entry transaction, the “Availability of product” box needs to be checked to display the available stock information under the sales order lines grid.

When a sales order is processed, on the Lines tab while entering a product, the Available stock section located under the sales order grid displays a message from the Ordered quantity field with the available stock.

Then moving to the Qty to allocate field, another message will display with the remaining to be allocated.


When there is no available stock, a message with no available stock will display while in the Order quantity field and then moving to the Qty to allocate field, another message will show with Remaining to be allocated.