Ent. Mgmt.: Changes to the Accounting Task in v12

You're in version 12. You enter an invoice and post it. The post should send the transaction on to the General Ledger. You want to review the journal entry. It is an easy process: just  go to the right panel and under Zoom click the Accounting document. You expect the journal entry screen to pop right up, however, nothing happens. You wonder "Where is my accounting document? Everything was working earlier."

When an accounting document isn't created whether its an invoice or an stock posting, the place to start the investigation is Accounting task under Usage, Batch Server, Accounting task. As we've observed in prior versions, the Recurring task status can be "Active," "Shutting down," or "Inactive". We find a Journal on hold even though the Recurring task status is "Active." So, why isn't the transaction going through to the General ledger?

In v12, the Accounting Task became a Recurring Task. Note that there is a new field in v12 called Query status. In this example, its value is "Standby." This field can have the value "Standby," "In progress" or "Finished."

Why is the Query status "Standby?"  Let's take a look at Recurring task management under Usage, Batch Server. The Recurring task for Accounting task was only set to run from 05:00 to 22:00. My server time is 02:42. I'll have to expand the Time Range to cover my desired hours. The Time Range reflects the server time, not my local time.