• Want to apply discount on header level for Order Entry in SAGE 300

    Dear Expert

    I am stuck in the middle of a project and it is very important project for me. Actually, we are an integration company. We are trying to create an order with header level discount from Magento 2 to SAGE 300 via REST API. 

    Request Url : xxxxx…

  • Cannot Create order


    I am new to Sage. I am making orders on Sage300 using REST Api. I have created customer on Sage using the API successfully

    I am using C# for integration

    I am unable to create order on Sage. The API returns Internal Server Error. I have check credentials…

  • Orders not marked as complete, misc. charge still open

    I was cleaning up old open orders and noticed that many orders had a shipping charge on them still open. Instead of zero, there was the extended cost of the misc. shipping charge and the line item shows and incomplete.  This makes the whole order incomplete…

  • How can I set an order to expire after 15 days automatically?

    My company has a policy where after 15 days an order should expire and be redone as prices may change.