Sage 300 Financial Reporter - formulae stopped working after 5 years


We have a client who has been using a FR Report for years and this week it just stopped

the lines it is stopping on are all the ones with the ~

this used to be supported in Fin Report as doing the following

so in this instance ="1000~1014-10,1016~1030-10"  it should look at all accounts in the 1000-14 range but only pull back ones with segment Value 10 and then 1016-1030 but only segment 10.  

We now get these errors

I have even pulled the data to my machine in tried in sage 2020, as the client using 2016, and I thought perhaps a office update upset something.  But I am able to relicate the error.

Any Ideas greatly appreciated.

Otherwise we will convert it to Sage Intelligence.