Member Masterclass Season Two: Unlocking Productivity

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How can you get more work done in a day? How can you free more time to do that work better?

In season two of the Member Masterclass video series, eight different authors, trailblazers, and luminaries will have you rethinking your approach to productivity. Each short session is packed with insights, practical methods, and tips you can put to work immediately to unlock more productivity for yourself, your team, and your company.

The minutes you spend watching these short videos will be a valuable investment of your time and will pay you back many, many times over in more productive, focused hours doing high-quality work. Get started right now. Visit

These experts have advised top executives, written books, taught classes, launched hugely successful businesses, and done high-powered consulting work. Sage is bringing you the benefit of their extensive experience condensed into eight short videos. It’s just one of the many advantages of your automatic Sage Membership.

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