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  • Member Masterclass Season Two: Unlocking Productivity

    How can you get more work done in a day? How can you free more time to do that work better?

    In season two of the Member Masterclass video series, eight different authors, trailblazers, and luminaries will have you rethinking your approach to productivity…

  • Using keyboard shortcuts in Sage 200

    If you are used to using keyboard shortcuts when using your accounts program, using Sage Line 100 for example, there are options within Sage 200 to be able to use keyboard shortcuts around the program.  Keyboard shortcuts can be found within the online…
  • Excel Reporting - new for Sage 200 2015

    Excel Reporting is new to Sage 200 2015, this is in addition to Business Intelligence and Excel Integrated Reporting.  You are given a number of free reports, but if you subscribe to the Excel Reporting package, you get a variety of additional reports…

  • Spooler Performance Issue Update?

    Hi Support,

    Any update on the spooler performance issue?


    This issue is already logged in the Ideas hub over a year ago and a business analyst did post:
    [11 Months ago:
    I have since raised this with our operational support teams, rather than…

  • On time delivery report

    Can someone suggest the best way to track our on time delivery of Sales Orders?

    I have some knowledge of BI and have never used report designer.  Is there a standard report that can be amended?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Labor Productivity

    I am creating a lot of One Time Items for my estimate. When I do this, the Labor Productivity column is left blank. When I right click on an item and go to "Detail Window," the Labor Productivity Table line is blank. 

    How does this calculate…


    When invoices are done up, i quite often would like to use point form.  Please add in the ability to 'tab' to indent or the option to change justification - left or right to help with this basic problem that allows the end receipiant a clear invoice.…

  • Being productive during March Madness? You bet!!!

    It's that time of March where everyone is scrambling to get their last bracket picks in for March Madness and hopefully end up winning their office pool (for entertainment purposes only of course). Teams will rise and teams will fall. Where anything can…