Editing Opportunity Status

Hi all,

I'm looking for some advice regarding amending stages and statuses for opportunities and leads.

When a sales rep clicks on 'Change' on the summary screen of an opportuntiy, the only section that is editable is the Details section as in the image below

Is there a reason why the user is unable to amend the Status section from this screen? I have a group of sales reps who want to be able to do this as the 'Stage field' may change from something like 'Proposal Submitted' to 'Demo Arranged' but the 'Status' field would remain as 'In Progress'.

I can do this without issue as a system admin but I obviously do not want to give anyone else those permissions unnecessarily. Is there another way to achieve this?

The user I picked as an example would seem to have the View/Edit/Ins/Del rights to do this so I am unsure what I am doing wrong

Any advice would be hugely appreciated!



  • Hi Paul,

    You would need to review the actions carried out by Workflow - and where necessary add in more options to 'Display Field for Amendment' for these fields. 

    If you're not too sure about editing the Workflow I would suggest speaking to your Business Partner and look to review what is there, sounds like it currently doesn't suit your sales process. 

  • Thanks Matthew,

    I got in touch with our Sage BP and as Darren and yourself have said, it was tied to a workflow setting but luckily, the workflow was obsolete anyways. I turned off the setting and users have the rights I was looking for.

    Thanks to you both for replying this morning!

  • On a personal front I would definitely review the Workflow - even to make it really simple. I think people miss a lot of what CRM can / does do if Workflows are disabled. Plus you never know what the future holds and it's harder to reintroduce workflows than it is to amend them. 

  • I agree and spoken to BP about training to give me a better understanding around those sorts of areas in CRM. I had never touched it before last year but learning something every time I log in.

    Thanks for your advice Matthew, really appreciate you taking the time to support!

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