• Net Amount for Opportunity Totals (OETotalsBox)


    We're looking to try to add a field to the Opportunity Total box (derived from the Order) to show the Total Net Amount.

    What would be the best way to add this, or change the 'Total Order Value' to be the 'Net' amount? Not sure if I've just…

  • CRM opportunity workflow custon field increment


    We have created a field on opportunity for licence number

    In my workflow step I want the licence number to populate  the next number when I get to that stage.

    Please guide on how this can be achieved


  • Table level script issue with Opportunity and Workflow

    Need assistance please!

    I am having trouble getting a table level script to fire if the opportunity is updated through workflow.  If the opportunity is updated with the change button, the script fires without any issues.  I am hoping that someone might…

  • Editing Opportunity Status

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for some advice regarding amending stages and statuses for opportunities and leads.

    When a sales rep clicks on 'Change' on the summary screen of an opportuntiy, the only section that is editable is the Details section…

  • Opportunities without order

    Was wondering if there was any way to view all of the quotes/opportunities that we have created that do NOT have an associated order attached to them. We want to follow up on all of our unfulfilled quotes in one batch without missing any due to human…

  • Create Follow-up Opportunity Field Value

    When creating a follow-up opportunity from a communication I want to bring the Wave activity over from the communication to the opportunity. Any ideas on how to do that?


  • Info Displayed under selected Person

    Is it possible for me to change the field(s) shown under the company and/or person after they are selected for an opportunity? At the moment it shows the primary phone number.


  • Tracking Opportunities That Are Transferred

    Hi all,

    The company I work for is looking to utilize Sage CRM for tracking sale referrals. They way they want to do this is for the referral to be first inputted as an opportunity against the refferer and then transfer the opportunity to the person/company…

  • Set Oppo_Targetclose readonly if another checkbox fiels is not checked in a Workflow rule ?

    Hi all,

    I have setup a New Opportunity workflow rule with a custom field which is a checkbox, and I want the following :

    1. If the user has checked the checkbox field, he can modify the oppo_targetclose date
    2. If the user has not checked the checkbox field…
  • Workflow action. Condition sending of email for sold opportunity based on team.

    We have a workflow action of Sold.  This action has a requirement that if the team on the opportunity is a specific team, they want an email sent.  If not, they want a different email sent.

    I see a javascript condition on the rule itself but not on the individual…

  • Can a person from a Parent company be associated with opportunities for the Child companies?

    FYI - I'm a relative noob to my company and Sage CRM. I'm also not completely sure which elements of our implementation are OOB and which have been customized.
    TIA for your help and patience.

    Is there a way to have a person from a parent company…

  • Creating a followup opportunity in the workflow leads to the new opportunity ending up in a wrong workflow state

    Hi there,

    we want our employees to create a followup opportunity whenever they lose or win an opportunity so that they can work on it again in a year or so when the opportunity presents itself again. To do this we integrated the task of creating a new…

  • How to Merge Data from Opportunity into Word Document


    I want to achieve the following behaviour:

    Within an opportunity the User clicks a button that opens an asp page. In that page he selects some documents. Now I want that if the user clicks "Save" the choosen document opens from the CRM library…

  • Validation on New Opportunity


    We have a custom field named "Type of Customer" on the Company Entity, however, we would like it so that it is not possible to create new opportunities for companies with a specific type of customer. I have used the existing validation in place…

  • Removing "priority" from New Opportunity


    Can anyone help me, i'm trying to remove the priority field from the status box when creating a new opportunity.

    I've managed to remove it from the opportunity summary screen however cant figure out out how to remove it from the new opportunity…

  • Opportunity Stage not updating when refreshing the page edited by another user

    Dear All,

    Please consider the following scenario
    1.  User1 proceed to a workflow stage in an opportunity. The workflow stage and opportunity stage is updated.
    2. User 2 edits the same workflow and proceeds to the next workflow stage. The workflow stage and…

  • Table level script on Opportunity auto created by Quote

    I am working in a system that auto creates an opportunity when a quote is created.  I would like for some data from the quote to be populated on the opportunity.  A simple example would be the Quote Reference ID.  I would like this to populate in the description…

  • Quote - Add field to web picker -- not saving

    Help please!  I want to add a field to what I think is considered the "web picker" on a quote.  Based on my understanding of the new quote screen, the area that I want to add a field to actually is representative of the opportunity record and…

  • SQL error vKeywordSearchListOpportunity

    When reviewing a client's SQL logs, I am seeing the following error repeated over and over again.

    Has anyone seen this error?

    I would appreciate any assistance in resolving the error.  Thank you!

    SELECT * FROM vKeywordSearchListOpportunity WHERE Oppo_OpportunityId…

  • Tracking notes onto Notes tab


    My customer wants the entries in tracking note in each stage- progress screen to be listed under the Notes tab for every opportunity.

    Can someone guide me on this please?

  • Non existent customers in CRM

    Hi all,

    We have Sage 300 2019 PU1 and Sage CRM 2018R3

    If we create a quote where the customer does not exist in Sage 300 (Uses CRM99999 as default) then it prints like the shot below: (The allow non-existent customers option in OE set up is ticked)


  • Sage 300 2019 PU1 Integration to Sage CRM 2018 R3 not honouring web screen dates

    Hi all,

    We have an issue where if you log into the Sage 300 web screens and the date is in the correct format (dd/mm/yyyy) due to the fix in the A4W.ini file (adding en-GB in Locale)

    When we log into Sage 300 screens through CRM - the date is still showing…

  • Adding new field 'country' to Phone/Email screen

    Hi ,

    I would like to add a new drop down field country onto the Phone/email screen of the company. The phone number field of the company needs to be validated upon the country entered. As european numbers differ from other numbers, this would be better…

  • Adding a new field to 'Proposal Submitted Page'


    I am a beginner to sage crm. I played around with the application but I wanted to add a new field "probablity%" onto proposal submitted page. I tried for inline customization,but I am not able to see inline customization that page, whereas it was…

  • Opportunity showing twice in the "New" Menu

    When in CRM and go to add a new record, the option to add a "new opportunity" appears twice in the "New" menu.

    Selecting either option takes you to the same place - the New Opportunity screen.

    I found the following post https://community…