• Table (List) contents are truncated.

    In my list contents are truncated.

    The list is based on a view. In the view the data (SQL Management Studio) is displayed completely.

    What can I do so that the entries are not truncated?

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.

    Many greetings from Germany…

  • Display decimals for amount field on List

    Help please!

    I have an Amount field on a list page.  The underlying data in the table which produces the list indicates the value goes out two decimal places.  (Ex.  18,947.67)

    However, on the list it is displayed as $18,948.

    On an entry screen, when I need…

  • Mobile Site List Captions

    Is it possible to add field titles/captions to the find lists on the mobile website?

  • Get all companies returns bad data for first page

    Hello All,

    I'm having this issue when running the endpoint "http://{{server}}/sdata/{{install}}j/sagecrm2/-/Company" with no variables or with "startindex=1&count=10".

    For the first page I'm getting the id's (424,425,426,427…

  • Add Clear Button to Custom Find List

    Does anyone know how to add a clear button to a custom Find List? example below.


  • People tab - Add Filter Box

    How do you add a new filter box to the People tab on the Company Entity.

    I need to able to filter only "Active" People at a Company.

    (Very similar to what you can already do with the CASE table under Company).


  • Summing Values in List and Displaying Total on Screen

    I have created a custom Entity for a client to allow them to capture Associate resource details against Opportunities.

    I have a list which allows multiple Associates to be recorded. The client would like the total cost for all entries to be calculated…

  • MailChimp Integration with SAGE - Help with Email grouping

    My Question is as follows: I want to efficiently manage my CRM contacts for MailChimp marketing campigns through groups. How do I do it best?

    Background: I have roughly under 2000 total sage subscribers. I am trying to import all contacts to ONE single…

  • How to log an incoming email to the a company's communication table.

    If a company's contact sends an email to the Sage CRM configured email id, is it possible to log that email in the communication list of that company?

    can anyone help me with this?

    is it possible through any settings or does it require coding?

  • Company shows up multiple Times in company find list


    There is only 1 company record, but it shows up on the company find list multiple times. It doesn't happen to all companies.

    used CRM 7.1.h

  • Calculated Field - nothing happens in Sage CRM Cloud?

    Hi, New here -

    I'm using demo of Sage CRM Cloud and am trying to get two fields to add together.

    From my reading it seems that 'Onchange' script is the way to go, however nothing happens when I change the fields.

    My code is here (inserted…

  • Hyper link in list filed


    I have a Quotation line list with 5 Fields(QuotationID,Product,Decs,Discount and Updated date) i would like to add a hyper link in Quotation ID field (like Quotation/QuotationEnterpriseSummary.asp?Quot_id=#) how to do it? in list




  • How to return DISTINCT results in search list

    Hey guys,

    I have a client where we created a Practice Entity and a Staff Entity. There are multiple Staff records associated to a Practice. So I wrote a view that shows the relationship and I use that view for the Practice Search Screen. The client…

  • Assigned To users missing from list

    A client called in with an issue today saying that at lunch a number of their users were no long available as an option in 'Assign to'. This appears to be happening in every entity. Further more, now at the bottom of the list is the option 'The list is…

  • Export from Custom Entity List to Excel using ASP

    Help! Hoping someone can help me with this. I have a list from a custom entity that is attached to the company table. I want to be able to export this list to an Excel file. I saw some posts on how to do this for a custom entity that seem to indicate…

  • Double display of vertical panel in a .net ListPage


    I have a list page that I am creating that will operate like a "QuickLook" page. One of the panels that I put on the page was Resident Deposits. For some reason, this panel is displaying twice and I am not sure why. Hoping someone can help and…

  • export a filtered list

    I need a way to export a list that has been filtered. The list is from a custom view. the view is essentially as follows.

    select * from orderitems inner join order inner join opportunity inner join company inner join address where orders are active and…

  • Company shows up multiple Times in company find

    has anyone seen this before? There is only 1 company record, but it shows up on the company find list multiple times. It doesn't happen to all companies.

  • Formulate a SQL string to display results to a LIST block via ASP

    Hi All,

    I am trying to render a LIST block to screen via an ASP page – however I need to create a complex SQL string in the ASP page that will retrieve the rows to display in the list. Can you please advise on how i can formulate a sql string and execute…

  • How to create an editable grid in dot net?

    In the marketplace I can see a lot of partners are able to do that.

    But how do I do that as a partner myself?

    Can someone give me a head start or point me to the right direction?

    I'm not creating it to sell at marketplace but my company is too stingy…

  • sorting people by surname first?

  • User Select field show with listbox .

    Hello everyond . I wonder why i create an User Select field for entity entry and it always show with Listbox. It look so long. How can i change it to dropdownlist ?

  • How to add company entity into lead detail screen?

    Hi all,

    Good day. I am new to this Sage CRM. I tried to add few company entity into the lead detail screen but I cant seem to find the other entity in the list other than lead entity field. Is it possible to add other entity(company or person) into…