CTI substitute

Hi everybody,

can anybody give me a good substitute for the former Sage CRM CTI-component?

not only my customer is thinking, that a modern CRM system must have such a functionality ;-)



  • It's amazing just how many customers will think that the things they want "should be standard" because what they want is what everyone wants... Anyway, Greytrix has a CTI framework.

  • Hi Hardy

    We announced our intention to end development around the CTi ActiveX plugin in 2020 R1 and it was finally removed in 2021 R1.  
    We had a strategy to move away from ActiveX and any dependency of Internet Explorer.  When we did the analysis in the 2018/2019 dev cycle about what we should do with the CTi feature we found that the dominant usage of CTi was outbound calling - essentially click-to-dial.  Few customers were working with inbound call handling and screen popping.  In terms of systems, there was a proliferation of technologies in VOIP, browser extensions etc.  We made the decision to focus on expanding the REST API and that is why we released the fully CRUD REST in 2019. 

  • Dependant on the telephone system, most now allow you to hook into their API one way or another.
    Something like this can be achieved quite quickly and at a fraction of the Q-Gate or Greytrix CTI Framework cost.


  • That is brilliant Sean and exactly what we had hoped would happen.  Have you created this as a 'product' or is this available only via consultancy?

  • Hi Jeff, Its an existing product, part of our wallboards and a free extension for any users of Sage CRM who we provide 3CX to.
    There are a couple of Sage200 Partners we work with who have already rolled this out. 

    We also have a few sites that just use our platform to automatically create Phone In / Phone Out Sage CRM Communications against recognised Customer/Prospect/Supplier callers id's along with duration (start / end times) and user based on the call data records.

    Obviously we don't record the conversation of the call (we can if needed though through call recording - not encouraged), but they have the visibility of call traffic by company and person and can view certain KPI's within Sage CRM reports. Such as "Give me a list of all customers we haven't spoken to within a set period" or Show me all customers that have dialled the support line more than X times or for more than X hours".

    We know how difficult it is to get users to manually add telephone call times into CRM.
    If anyone needs any pointers, feel free to drop me a message.