Using the Internal E-mail client to send e-mails to Multiple Contacts in Sage CRM

1 minute read time.

A customer had a requirement to be able to send e-mails to multiple recipients. They wanted specifically to be able to build and send ad hoc e-mails rather then Mass E-mails against a long list of people.

Below is the Person Summary screen showing a contact's details.

By default if you click on the person's email address you get a screen assumes that you only wish to send to a single person.

But if you change the user's preferences to work with a pop up window.

The internal e-mail client now opens as a pop up.

This allows great flexibility in working arrangements. In the screen below I have docked the screens within windows and I can now browse to other screens where emails are referenced.

You can then add addtional addresses to either the CC: or BCC: recipient fields.

  • Use CTRL-Click to add a CC: address.
  • Use ALT-Click to add a BCC: address.

The email can then be sent and the communication will be added to all the contacts in Sage CRM.