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  • Sage 50C - Configurar email Microsoft 365 (outlook)

    Para Ativar o envio de email de uma conta M365:


    Aceder ao Portal Azure – Azure Active Directory – Propriedades – Gerir predefinições de segurança e desativar as predefinições



    Aceder ao Centro de…

  • Se puede configurar Sage 200 para que cuando se crea una factura a un cliente que tiene email, automáticamente se le envíe la factura por email?

    Se puede configurar Sage 200 para que cuando se crea una factura a un cliente que tiene email, automáticamente se le envíe la factura por email?

  • [V12] Aprovação de workflow por e-mail não funciona, o que fazer?

    Em caso de erro de aprovação de workflow por e-mail, faça as seguintes verificações:

    Na função ADPVAL>SUP>WRK

    1-Parâmetro WRKRMTDIR - Directorio Ligs. Workflow

    Verificar se a pasta está corretamente…

  • Paperless Office e-mails not sending after June 1st using Office365

    We have not been able to send any automatic paperless office e-mails (Customer Invoices, Payroll Stubs) since June 1st. Our e-mail configuration in Sage 100 uses as the mail server.  We have not changed anything with this setup since…

  • Using the Internal E-mail client to send e-mails to Multiple Contacts in Sage CRM

    A customer had a requirement to be able to send e-mails to multiple recipients. They wanted specifically to be able to build and send ad hoc e-mails rather then Mass E-mails against a long list of people.

    Below is the Person Summary screen showing a…

  • A round up of articles on the Mail Merge feature: The essential guide to sending emails in Sage CRM

    This short article provides a listing of the key articles that cover the use, configuration and customization of the internal email client within Sage CRM.

  • A round up of essential articles about configuring the Advanced Email Manager

    When enabled, the CRM Email Management service runs as a background process on the CRM server and processes inbound and outbound e-mails according to predefined business rules. The Email Manager functionality is available whether you use CRM's embedded…

  • Controlling E-mail Forward and Reply Translations

    Sage CRM has its own internal e-Mail client that allows users to create, send and manage emails entirely within CRM.

    The image above shows a list of communications for a company that includes emails that have either been been created by the Sage CRM…

  • Email Marketing Segmentation - by Lifestyle (3/3)

    Moving on from our previous post, let's talk about lifestyle modelling.

    There are a number of ways in which you can use the data that you hold on your customers to build up a more accurate picture of the type of lifestyle and habits they are likely…

  • Email Marketing Segmentation - by Behaviour (2/3)

    Moving on from our last post on basic profiling, let's look at increasing the sophistication.

    A powerful way of segmenting your database is to look at 'click behaviour' as well as browsing or purchase history.In comparison to profile based segmentation…

  • Email Marketing Segmentation - by Profile (1/3)

    The previous post looked at sources of data - now we move on to segmentation approaches, specifically the three different forms of segmentation (profile, behaviour and lifestyle).

    Profile based segmentation tends to be the simplest & most commonly used…

  • Email Marketing Strategy - SWOT Analysis

    The previous post looked at brand alignment and important consideration on your tactical activities. Let's move on to analysis of your email marketing strategy.

    An important part of forming your strategy will be to conduct a SWOT analysis. If you…

  • Email Marketing Strategy - Brand Alignment

    The previous post talked about thinking & setting key performance indicators (KPIs) - this time, I am talking about aligning your program with your brand.

    "Nearly a third of survey respondents (32%) said they have stopped doing business with at…

  • The Email Marketing Programme Explained

    Building on my previous blog entry, let's take a look at what the steps in your email marketing programme mean in a little more detail.


    A consistent & long-term strategy is essential for successful email marketing. After all, if there is…

  • I know what you have done... now what do I do? Leverage the results of your E-marketing Campaign

    Following on from my blog about viewing the results of our E-marketing Campaign; now we look at how you can use those results to create a more targeted and effective marketing strategy.

    We've already seen how we create an E-marketing Campaign and…

  • It's not just who you know, it's what you know! - viewing the results of your E-marketing email

    OK so you've spent time developing your template, proofing your text and making sure that you've included all of your desired recipients in your group. You then send your E-marketing e-mail out into the ether and hope that people have read it…

  • Setting up e-mail signatures

    E-mail has become the most critical and frequently used business communication tool and most of us send and receive thousands of business related e-mails every week. Our e-mail signatures serve several important functions, letting recipients know about…
  • E-Mail merge with nested table?

    I know it's possible to have a nested table in eg a merge to a pdf using a Word document template.

    Is it possible to do the same when doing a mass-email merge?

    Or alternatively, is it possible to attach merged pdf documents to a mass email (the pdfs…

  • Oppo Email Notifications - not sending to Company Account Manager

    I have an Escalation set to fire off an email when a new order is placed. Its running from the Opportunity table. It should be sending to the Primary Account Manager on the Company & then CC'ing 2 managers; I am BCC'ing myself to test.


  • Has the E-mail window function changed in CRM 2017 and 2018 versions?

    In the older versions, a simple way to add more then one person from CRM to an E-mail was to use the E-mail window pop-out option in your Preferences and, click the E-mail address from a Person record which submits into the To field of the popped E-mail…

  • Emails are not being saved in Communications, no option to install Outlook plugin

    We are running Sage CRM 7.2, Hosted Exchange. I am trying to get the email portion up and working.

    I think my best approach would be to allow our Sales Reps to enter emails from within the Communications tab (and have them all logged there), as well…

  • Customize Email Out Communication Screen


    Does anyone know if there is a way to customize the Email Out Communication Screen. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • How to send a confirmation mail to customer by custom workflow when create a case ?

    Hello everyone. Could everyone tell me how to custom workflow to send a confirmation mail to person after create a case ? I'm new to sage CRM. Please guide me some on it.

    Best Regards,


  • File email in CRM from Outlook

    I am getting an error when I try to File an email inot CRM from Outlook.

    Everything works fine if I just click on "File e-mail" and then on the "File email" button, hoever if I try to modify the "File e-mail(s) against the following taget(s)" I am getting…

  • Envio de documentos com e-mail personalizado

    Com configuro o envio de documentos com e-mail personalizado?