How can I move the SVG directory location

If you have a situation whereby your Sage X3 folder disk has 100GB free space, but you want to run a Data Extract and you know this consumes around 170GB disk space, what are the options to overcome this issue?

Unfortunately the SVG export directory must be defined as relational to the "..\Folders\SEED" directory (or whatever your folder is called)   Although you can define an X3 Storage Area (Usage, Usage, X3 Storage areas) which points to another disk/directory, such as "T:\Sage\SEED\SVG" and store files in it, when you try to run the SVG Data Extract (Development, Utilities, Extraction/Integration) using this storage location, it gives an error "The back-up directory cannot be absolute"

There are a few different options you could consider to overcome this situation:

1. Expanding the current disk to give more disk space is the best option, so you should first explore this fully to be sure there is no way to achieve this, before considering other options

2.  Look at archiving/purging the existing file system to get as much disk space back as possible if the next option.   You can review my blog article "Time to tidy up?" ( ) to help with this activity

3. Compress the SVG folder in Windows and hope that gives enough disk space for the extract to complete.   Whether a directory is compressed or not is transparent to applications such as Sage X3, and the SVG directory data should compress well.  However, the write performance will be worse than uncompressed files and will take more CPU.

4. Recreate the SVG folder as a link

This is standard Windows functionality and so is documented at

Although I am not aware of any specific issues using linked directories, as it is standard Windows functionality, using Windows links is not a configuration tested by Sage.  As with any other change, you need to test thoroughly before using this technique in your LIVE system.  

a. Create new empty directory where you wish to point your SVG output files, e.g. "T:\Sage\SEED\SVG"

b. Launch CMD prompt using "As administrator"

c. Run the mklink command, something like
mklink /D C:\Sage\X3ERPV11\Folders\SEED\SVG T:\Sage\SEED\SVG

5. You may also wish to review my blog article "Moving a Sage X3 "Folders" file system location"

Hope this helps you