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  • How can I move the SVG directory location

    If you have a situation whereby your Sage X3 folder disk has 100GB free space, but you want to run a Data Extract and you know this consumes around 170GB disk space, what are the options to overcome this issue?

    Unfortunately the SVG export directory must…

  • Delete Sage X3 Folders you no longer use

    You may find yourself in a situation where you need to restore Sage X3 Folder data on a test server. In my case, the server already had a test Folder that was no longer required so to keep things tidy and to avoid a shortage of disk space I needed to…

  • Moving a Sage X3 "Folders" file system location

    In todays virtualised world, it should not be very often that you will run out of disk space for your Sage X3 file system, however it could be that you have your Sage X3 "Folders" directory stored on a disk volume that cannot be extended for some reason…

  • Sage X3 Support: Need to copy a X3 folder that has an archive folder ?

    Welcome to the new UK Blogs channel on Sage City in this post I will run through copying a X3 folder that has an associated archive folder to a new server.

    I had some fun working this out for a customer who was implementing a test server for the first time…

  • Um dos Dossiês não aparece no console


    Ao acessar o console um ou mais folders não são mostrados na lista de folders.



    O procedimento a seguir pode afetar com o sistema, realize o backup e só execute o procedimento caso tenha total certeza e conhecimento na ferramenta…

  • Attachments - folders

    I'm organisng my attachments on my Supplier memo tabs by using folders, eg to keep invoices and statements separate. Although I can easily drill down a folder level. I cannot find how to go back up a folder level. I have to close the  supplier record…

  • folders.xml


    I'm currently installing Sage X3 7.1

    When I click on the <Folders> , it say:

    Error when recovering the list of folders, the file may not exist, to create it you need to open the main folder at least once,

    ERR_PAFIC,20, C:\sage\X3APP…