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I have spent considerable time on Sage chat trying to sort out this issue and am having no luck and wondered of anyone here might be able to advise. We use Creative Pension Trust who have tried to help but advised the issue lies on the payroll end. I have two issues with the PAPDIS pension file generated by Sage Payroll which are causing difficulty at each pay run and requiring significant manual data entry and adjustment to the .csv file generated by Sage - this is time consuming and prone to error.

Firstly, the Sage PAPDIS file does not show any employees who have opted out or those who are new to the company - it only contains employees who are currently opted in. Our pension provider requires ALL employees to be on the file so that they can ensure auto-enrollment / re-enrollment requirements etc. are followed. Our old payroll provider included all employees as standard with I believe different codes for those opted out or not yet eligible. I cannot add any employee information to our pension provider other than through the .csv file upload so currently need to add all this information manually to the .csv file at every pay run.

Secondly, column AN on the Sage PAPDIS file is titled 'Pensionable Earnings Amount', and gives the gross pay figure less the Lower Level of Qualifying Earnings amount (E.g. Gross Pay - 120). Creative Pension Trust require the figure in this column to be the gross pay figure with no deduction and won't let the upload proceed with the Sage figures so this is another manual adjustment needed for all employees. 

I have spoken to both Sage and Creative and am getting nowhere but I feel that PAPDIS is a standard and so this shouldn't be so difficult? Our old payroll provider generated a file that uploaded seamlessly with no need for manual adjustment. 

Please tell me if I'm doing something wrong or missing something - am tearing my hair out at every pay run!

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    Hi Christine, 

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    I'm sorry to hear you've had trouble producing a PAPDIS file from Sage in the relevant formatting for your pension provider. After a bit of testing, unfortunately I can confirm there isn't a way to change the formatting of the CSV/PAPDIS file that Sage produces. 

    I appreciate that this could be improved and I have fed this back to the appropriate team on your behalf. I would encourage you to also feedback via our Ideas Board, our developers review these ideas and we're always looking for new ways to improve our products. You can find a link to share your ideas here >.

    As you've mentioned in your post, the workaround for this is in the meantime would be to edit the CSV file and reformat accordingly. 

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