• Small Employer Settings

    • New on 19 Jul 2019
    • 1 Comment
    It would save errors if the small employer settings were able to be carried forward from one year to another without the need to reconfirm.
    • 19 Jul 2019 11:15 AM
  • GDPR - Automatic Deletion of Previous Employee Bank Details

    • New on 26 Feb 2020
    To comply with GDPR - having an option for previous employee bank details to be wiped from the system once they have left the company. To allow for any payment after leaving payments to be processed, the company can opt for bank details to be deleted...
    • 26 Feb 2020 6:24 AM
  • Non-Binary Option Gender

    • New on 26 Feb 2020
    Add a drop down option for 'Non-Binary' under Gender in the Employee Wizard Screen. This will assist with Gender Pay Gap Reporting
    • 26 Feb 2020 6:28 AM
  • Sage payroll v26 upgrade

    • New on 6 Mar 2020
    users should be notified in advance that the v26 upgrade must be applied before payroll can be accessed and that downloading v26 may cause your server to close down and reboot without warning. we access payroll through a Remote Desktop. The demand...
    • 6 Mar 2020 9:50 AM

    • New on 31 Mar 2020
    Honeslty during this Pandemic would have been nice not to have to calculate the SSP. if weve entered the new tab Covid-19 SSO.P surely it should be able to calculate the amount when you sik absence and not and SSL pay as well as Covid-19 SSP!! Very...
    • 31 Mar 2020 12:48 AM
  • epaye

    • New on 16 Apr 2020
    What is the epaye number that the government say we need to claim furlough ? I have a paye number and do online submissions
    • 16 Apr 2020 7:25 AM
  • Do you do the payroll for your business or outsource your payroll? I'd like to hear from you

    • New on 23 Sep 2020
    Hi, I'm a Product Manager here at Sage bringing to life some of the features that make things easier for your business. If you do the payroll for your company or you outsource your payroll I'd like to learn more about your current payroll process...
    • 23 Sep 2020 5:34 PM
  • Adding new employees retrospectively

    • New on 23 Oct 2020
    Could Sageone be adapted to allow new employees to be added retrospectively? For example, we processed the monthly Oct 2020 payroll, but we would need to add a new monthly employee to the Sep 2020 payroll. At present, the only way to do this is to add...
    • 23 Oct 2020 4:29 AM
  • Birthdays

    • New on 27 Nov 2020
    Hello Would it be possible to add something to the Sage Payroll to alert me before I process a payrun that there has been a birthday since last payrun? That way I dont miss wage increases and have to backdate increased pay! Its happened a few...
    • 27 Nov 2020 12:07 PM
  • Payslips

    • New on 11 Jan 2021
    Feedback from a customer - they wanted to bulk download their employees payslips - but this is not possible and it can be a pain going into each payrun individually to download payslips for employees. Would it be possible to implement a download button...
    • 11 Jan 2021 4:54 AM