Time saving tools in Sage 50cloud Accounts: Part 1

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Processing your accounts is an important, but often time-consuming process. Time is often as valuable a resource to businesses as money. With this in mind, we have listed six ways that you can use Sage features and tools to help save you time and process your accounts more efficiently in Sage 50cloud Accounts.

Bank Feeds

Bank reconciliation can often be a long and tedious task. Bank Feeds is a feature that integrates with your live bank account to ensure everything in it is reflected in Sage 50cloud Accounts. It downloads your transactions, which you can then match to existing transactions in Sage 50cloud Accounts, or create new ones that haven’t been recorded yet. Not only this but you can set up rules so Bank feeds can automatically match transactions for you when certain criteria are met.

This reduces the time you spend entering transactions, simplifies your bank reconciliation, and ensures your accounts are up to date and accurate.

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Automatic data entry

With AutoEntry you never have to manually enter invoices or receipts again. Capture and analyse scanned and photographed paper documents, automatically entering data into your accounting software, saving you potentially hours of your valuable time. It really is that simple.

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Schedule backups

Using Backup Manager function you can schedule backups to run automatically, and you can still work in Sage Accounts while your backups are running. This saves you time manually taking backups of your accounts data and means you don’t have to worry about remembering to do it. You don't even need to have Sage Accounts open!

In addition, you can even integrate your Sage 50cloud Accounts software with Microsoft 365 so that your data is scheduled to back up to the cloud via OneDrive, and you can be notified if there are any issues with the data.


Memorise, Recall and Recurring Items

If you have entries that you post regularly, such as month end accounting journals or recurring invoices or orders, the Memorise and Recall option is a great feature to save you time. Simply enter the information once, save the details, then use those details again later when required. You can even set up items to post automatically when you run the Recurring items option.

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Foreign Trader

If your business trades in different currencies it can be time consuming to figure out manual calculations, such as working out exchange rates. There is also the high risk of miscalculations when you try to work it out manually. In Sage 50 Accounts, the Foreign Trader option makes this easy to do.

You can set up customers, suppliers and bank records to use other currencies, meaning you can enter payments and receipts in those currencies without the need for any manual calculations. You can also create customer and supplier documents such as invoices, orders and statements in the relevant currencies.

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Batch changes

Sometimes you may want to make the same changes to multiple records in Sage 50 Accounts. For example, you might want to set the same default tax code on multiple customer records, or assign a group of products to a particular stock category. You can use the ‘batch changes’ option to select multiple records and make the required changes to all of them at the same time. A much more efficient way than editing items one by one.

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For more time saving tools in Sage 50cloud Accounts, read our Part 2 blog.