New bank reconciliation features in Sage 50cloud Accounts

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The Bank Reconciliation option in Sage 50cloud Accounts is a great feature to help you match the transactions in your software to those on your actual statement from your bank.

In Sage 50cloud Accounts v25, we’ve introduced some great new features to help you when things don’t always go to plan with your bank reconciliation.

Reverse bank reconciliation

Imagine you’ve reconciled your bank account for a given period, but for some reason you need to reverse it. Previously in Sage 50 Accounts you’d have had to restore a backup or identify each transaction you’d bank reconciled for that period, then edit them individually to reverse the bank reconciliation.

With the new Reverse bank reconciliation feature, as long as the original bank reconciliation was done in a Sage 50 Accounts v25, you can reverse the bank reconciliation in just a few clicks.

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Track Bank Reconciliation changes

Another issue you can find when doing a bank reconciliation is the last reconciled balance doesn’t always match the opening balance on the bank statement you’re reconciling. This can be for a number of different reasons and can be hard to pinpoint.

The Track Bank Reconciliation changes feature identifies when a bank reconciled balance has changed, and helps you identify the transactions that have caused the difference.

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To find out more about other new features in Sage 50cloud Accounts v25, please visit our Sage 50 Accounts v25 new release webpage.