• Automatically create sales invoices

    Hi all,

    Is there a way in Sage50Cloud to automatically create sales invoices based on a spreadsheet/csv file?

    I want to be able to use import/macros/python etc to produce a physical invoice via Customers->Invoices and Credits (not simply importing the…

  • Report Designer


    Could you tell me, is it still not possible to join SOP_ITEM and INVOICE_ITEM within Sage 50 Report Designer?

    I have tried and can't seem to get it to work. I know it was a know issue years ago, but I would have thought Sage would have fixed it by…

  • Automatic product invoice updating

    We have an issue of security where users can create a product invoice, print it and then edit it changing the customer / product details.  This in effect creates a 'ghost invoice' without the stock figures being affected (we don't use SOP). As we deal…

  • Invoice Export to Outlook is corrupted

    I have an issue with exporting an invoice to Outlook which was working OK until today

    I am using Sage V27.1.562.0

    If I export the invoice as a pdf to a folder, it looks OK, I can attach it to an email and it all works

    If I export to email, the numerics…

  • Adding my account number with a customer onto an invoice

    I'm new to sage, so this may be obvious but I can't find out how to do this.

    I have created a customer, and when I invoice them I have to include my "supplier reference" they give me on all invoices etc.  This reference is longer than…

  • Suggestion for Quotations by Professional Services Companies

    I work for a Professional Services Company and currently all our fee earners prepare their quotes in Word and if the quote is accepted the information is then transcribed into a Service Invoice in Sage.

    I have looked at trialling the Quotation feature…

  • Random customers not receiving emails by invoice

    We send invoice emails as pdf attachments to our customers. Typically we don't get many issues.

    However, for a long time a seemingly random number of customers do not receive emails from our main account sender. The sending email address is in this…

  • Change VAT code for entire invoice?

    Is there a way to change the VAT code for an entire invoice rather than going into each product line item individually?

    We work for a lot of builders on multiple projects with different VAT charge requirements so cannot easily default change the customer…

  • Why and how to avoid: Orders input by other users not showing immediately.


    We have several users who look after sales and purchasing who are in different offices.
    Often, one user will input e.g. a sale; however, other users cannot see this sale immediately which can result in the sale being input again by another user…

  • Moving customer invoice issue


    I've recently moved a customer's outstanding invoice from one customer account to another - the issue is that in the original customer account the invoice has been marked as cancelled and is no longer showing as outstanding (as expected) but an additional…

  • Invoice Module


    Currently in our small business all quotes and orders are written in excel. (My boss insists on this) If we win the order I then manually copy the order over into the invoice module once delivered.  We are in the HVAC business so here is a sample of…

  • Duplicate Invoice VAT Reverse Charge problem

    We often duplicate previous invoices so the description, nominal, department, etc remain consistent throughout the project. This is now no longer possible due to the way the VAT reverse charge has been set up. 

    As there will always be numerous lines, different…

  • Difference between Delete and Cancel

    Hi there,

    it's seems that when I try to delete certain transactions such as purchase invoices, sometimes it 'deletes' the transaction and turns it red.  However sometimes it 'cancels' the transaction and raises a transaction to reverse it.…

  • Nominal Ledger Activity Data import into Microsoft Power BI


    I am a Business Intelligence Developer in my company and importing data from Sage 50 accounts database into Power BI using sage ODBC driver. Nominal Ledger table has data at month level but now, our requirement is data at the invoice level. There…

  • Recurring Invoices

    HI all,

    sorry if this has been asked many times before, but i cant seem to find the answer.

    On Sage50 Cloud, can you set up a recurring invoice?  So that it automatically generates an invoice for the same amount on the same day each month? 

    Ideally with…

  • Mobile App and Sage 50

    Our company is looking for mobile application software that can be synchronized by internet connection with office software such as Sage 50 accounts (using Sage 50 Accounts at the moment). We need to speed up the process for our remote field engineers…
  • Receipts or invoice amount in words

    Can anybody suggest how to design the invoice form to include amounts in words in sage 50 UK.

  • Email Invoice Problems

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to set up Sage 50 Cloud to email invoices and statements directly to Customers.

    I use Outlook365, which is set as my default email provider and I work with Outlook already open.

    If I try to send an invoice by email, it comes up…

  • Zero rated Invoices.

    Hi from time to time we must do services invoices.

    Sometimes there is no charge on this service as the goods are still in warranty, When this happens, although the customer account is present on the Service Invoice because it is zero in value it does…

  • Warning when amending invoice raised from quote


    I've just started converting quotations to invoices.

    If I amend the invoice it comes up with a warning:

    "This invoice was created from a quote. Any amendments made will be shown on both the quote and the invoice."

    Is there a way to deactivate…

  • Reprinting Sales Invoice


    I need to amend and reprint an old sales invoice on sage 50 cloud, but the invoice is not currently showing on the 'Invoices and credits' tab, I can only see it in the 'customer activity'. Any idea how I can do this?

  • Sage 50 Debtor Chase Letter - Show invoices approaching due.

    Hello Everyone,

    Unlike Sage 200, Sage 50 does not have an option to send reminders automatically or to send reminders for invoices that are approaching due. I'm hoping to be able to customise the built in letter template "Itemised Chase Letter 1 (Reminder…

  • Automate emailing outstanding or overdue invoices for a list of customers

    Has anyone achieved to automatically email run all outstanding or overdue invoices for all customers or group of them ?

  • Report generation error in invoices

    I have had the following error message when trying to run the @Sales by product (detailed)@ report in invoices on sage 50.......

    "The report could not be generated. Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow."

    Has anyone had this before…

  • Unable to email invoice from Office 365

    Good Morning,

    One of our clients are unable to email invoices etc from within Sage, when we try we get the following error message.

    " Please install office update: Redistributable Primary interop assemblies to run function."

    The office version…