Error 2146827859 when importing from Synergist

We have three companies in Sage 50cloud Accounts Professional.  Two were set up some time ago, and the third one in the last year.  We import purchase invoices from a third party programme called Synergist which also has three companies to match Sage, and this works fine for the first two companies, but when trying to import from the third we just keep getting the message:-

B4D_RunScript - Failed to run script: Sage2.VBOLE

Error code:-2146827859  Line No:51  Char-2

Description: ActiveX component can't create object: 'SDOEngine.27'.

Set oSDO - CreateObject(cEngine)

Then a message that says:


... which I don't think is the issue, but suggests the problem lies within Sage. 

In the old days when we had similar issues we following advice, but under V27 this option has disappeared

All the settings in both systems seem fine, so I can't work out why we are hitting a wall on this one - any ideas happily received?


  • I'm unfamiliar with Synergist but from the error it sounds like it is unable to load SDO (Sage Data Objects), which is essentially the Sage 50 UK software development kit (SDK) used by 3rd parties. The error is basically saying that Synergist is unable to load SDO for some reason. It does sound strange that this only affects one company and not others. as if this were an installation issue with SDO it would be an all or nothing situation and I'd not expect it to work for any company. Are all three companies using v27 data? One possible thing is that if the other 2 companies were using an earlier version e.g. v26 then it could be that SDO is correctly installed/registered for that version but not for v27. That is just guess work though.

    NOTE: Registration is a bit of an overloaded term here. The Synergist article you linked to is about registration of SDO from a licensing point of view i.e. proof that SDO is correctly licensed for use, basically a legal issue. This will not be the issue in your case, as based on your error message is is suggesting SDO might not be not registered from a COM point of view, or that it is registered but something is blocking/interfering with loading it. COM is a Microsoft standard to provide inter-process communication and reusable components. It is the core technology that SDO is built upon and how 3rd party developers consume and use the SDK. Registration from a COM perspective means Windows has been 'told' about the reusable component, SDO in this case, so it knows how to create/load it when the 3rd party application requests it. Your error message does suggest an issue in this area.

    As I say it is strange that it only affects one company as COM would be all-or-nothing but there is no harm in checking if SDO is registered for v27 on your machine - see my reply on this post about how to confirming if SDO is correctly registered (simply replace 26 for 27 in the instructions on that reply)

    Hope that helps

  • Hi Darron, thanks very much for that, I feel I am finally making some progress with this.  I checked and V27 SDO is not registered on my machine, V26 still seems to be there.  i tried running the C:\Users\david.caskie>regsvr32 C:\WINDOWS\system32\sg50SdoEngine270.DLL   *replacing 26 with 27*  but got the attached error message

    Not an expert so not sure about next steps, but at least we know what the problem is.  Any further suggestions would be most welcome?  Thanks, David 

  • That error will be because the sg50SdoEngine270.DLL file does not exist in the system32/SysWOW64 folder due to the default installation path for SDO being changed in v27. Try this path instead:

    regsvr32 "C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\Accounts\SDO\2021\sg50SdoEngine270.dll"

    Hopefully that will do the trick but if not it would suggest that v27 SDO is not installed on the PC. Easiest way to resolve that would be to run a repair of the v27 installation for Accounts.

  • You suggest I "run a repair of the V27 installation".  I have been trying this but not sure exactly how to go about it.  I have noticed in my Sage directory I have a "AccountsServicev26" folder, but not a v27 one, which I presume I should have.  Maybe some background would help - we hold our data centrally, but two users access Sage locally.  I suspect the laptop I am using has somehow not been updated to V27, but I can't see how I flush that through (which would presumably fix my problem).    Would this work I go back to "Activate Sage Software" under the Tools option in Sage?  Not brave enough to press the button on this without some reassurance.  Thanks,  David

  • Running a repair of the v27 installation would be as simple as running the installer for v27 again. If you don't have this to hand you can always download it from

    If you don't have a AccountsServicev27 folder then you don't have v27 installed so again the simple fix would be to download it from the above link and run the install/upgrade process. NOTE: If you are on a multi-user install and/or using Remote Data Access (formerly known as Sage Drive) then you need to make sure that all clients are updated to v27, and in the case of RDA you need to make sure you upgrade the 'main site' first.

    If you are unsure about the upgrade and want some assistance then you can always give our support team a call on 0191 479 5955 and they will be happy to help.