• How to get current user programmatically?

    Hi all,

    I see that Sage 200 have this class: Sage.Accounting.User, but how do I get the current user?

    Thank you

  • How to remove the selected customized menu folder from menu file "MenuDifferentialFile"?

    Hi all,

    In my developer environment, I have customization for multiple customers, lets say customer A, B, and C. I create folder in the menu for each customer, and place the customized forms for each company accordingly. When I export the MenuDifferentialFile…

  • How to get the transactions of stock item, programmatically?

    Hi All,

    I have an inactive stock item that have not been use for so long (>2 years) and the known transactions has already been archived. My customer would like to remove it from the system. But we encounter this error as attached. So I attempt to delete…

  • How to automatically add customized form to Menu after assign roles?

    Hi all,

    I am a developer making customized solution for my customer. Usually when I create forms, I will have to assign the roles to the forms, and after that I need to add the forms 1 by 1 to the Menu. If I have 20 new forms, then I will have to do it…

  • Can restriction on other form restrict function on the other form?

    Hi all,

    Lets say I have a user that only have access to specific page. As you can see below, this user does not have access to Fast Duty feature. This user have access to Fast Delivery feature.

    Fast duty is about create, read, update, delete on custom…

  • Currently at year end and working in P12 and P1 however pay run will not work in P1

    Currently at year end and working in P12 and P1 however pay run will not work in P1 - apparently this is a technical issue with sage so cannot pay any new year invoices - anyone else had this issue?

  • Detect if the current company does not have custom table and specific data

    Hi all,

    I am having this situation. I have A,B as my existing companies and have my custom table added to their database. Then I have a new company C, and this company does not have my custom table yet so none of my customize form is working on company…

  • Insert/update row to tables of all other companies

    Hi all, 

    is it possible to do the following:

    - user update some foreign exchange rate on Maintain Exchange Rates Form of company A,

    - on click Save button, it will update on company C,D, and E as well.

    I know it is possible on executable application according…

  • Dll to get the table LicenseCredentials data

    Hi all, which dll should I use to get the information of LicenseCredential table?

    I found Sage.MMS.SAA.Client.Licence but there is no AccountNumber and SerialNumber field? Please lead me to the correct dll. Thank you

  • Save report as Excel Programmatically

    Hi All, is it possible to save a report as excel?

    On the desktop application, I can see we can do it manually. But how about doing it programmatically with Sage 200 SDK?

  • Get the unencrypted email password in Sage200Configuration table

    Hi all, 

    I need to send bulk email of reports every week, so I am planning to create a program that will generate a report and send an email by using the email setting on the Sage 200 configuration. The program will be schedule to run every week on Windows…

  • Run a job once Sage 200 is open

    Hi all, 

    is it possible to add a job/function that will run once the Sage 200 is open? 

    I want to do something like this: if (DateTime.Now.Date=='07/01/2021') {//Do something }

    I want to do it with windows scheduler where everyday it will run a…

  • Change the order of item code in invoice

    Hi all,

    I want to change the order of the item code appears on the SO invoice.

    I have tried something like this 

    line.PrintSequenceNumber = printSeqNo; //where printSeqNo is already set

    and on the report I set to order by PrintSequenceNumber.

    but after…

  • API Developer Keys and Subscription


    I work for a company that produces a piece of business software that can be configured to export invoices & credit notes to a company's (our customer) accounts package. We have a number of customers who use various versions of Sage, including Line…

  • Column name for Invoice and Credit notes same/separate sequence selection

    Hi all,

    I am looking for the column name of
    "Use the same sequence of numbers for both invoices and credit notes" and
    "use separate sequences of numbers for invoices and credit notes"
    from Sales Order Processing>View Invoice and Order…

  • PayPal feed into Sage 200

    Hi All,

    I'm a web developer and I'm just wondering how I would approach a requirement for PayPal transactions to be feed into Sage 200. I assume there is nothing I need to do on the website side? I've seen something about setting up PayPal as a bank feed…

  • Create Excel Macro with Sage 200


    would like to know if anyone success to add Sage 200 library as reference in Excel Macro VBA? I tried adding Sage 200 assemblies to reference but get error 

  • Generate DBScripts for Add-on


    is there any easy way to generate sql script from a lot of tables? this sql script will be included in sandbox as DBScript.

    so far I am writing spcreatecolumn, spcreatetable line by line.

    Thank you. I appreciate your help.

  • Multiple Report Output Mode


    I am trying to print invoice in multiple output mode, let say, when I print the invoice, I want it to print to my printer, and also keep a copy in Spooler.

    So far, I assume that can be done by printing invoice twice, but reset the output mode. 


  • Add function on Sage 200 main program, not forms

    Hi All,

    I know that we are able to edit the Sage 200 form using Form designer and developer tools. But are we able to edit the Sage 200 main program? for example, when user click close, add popup warning "Are you sure to close Sage 200?".