• API with Sage 50

    Hello, could someone guide me where I can get instructions on how to do API with Sage 50 CA?

    Thank you

  • Microsoft 365 verse Autoentry

     I am trying to decide whether to sign up for the AutoEntry application or Microsoft 365.   What is the best system for remote entry for receipts etc.  

  • So where do we download the Sage 50 CA SDK now?

    So now that Sage has overhauled their website, I can no longer find a way to download the SDK. I used to be able to find it on the public facing site, but now they've made sure to make no mention of it. All the old links suggesting how to download the SDK…

  • Erreur d'envoi courriel lors du changement du sujet.

    Depuis ce matin lors d'un changement de sujet dans l'envoi de courriel j'ai le message d'erreur 'Une erreur s'est produite lors de l'envoi du courriel. Code de résultat: MAPI:2

  • Bookkeeping or Accounting Software

    What’s the Difference Between Bookkeeping and Accounting? Which accounting software would you recommend for an SME?

  • Sage 50 ODBC Connection

    I try to connect MS Excel to Sage file via ODBC. I got following message:

    Details: "ODBC: ERROR [IM014] The specified DSN contains an architecture mismatch between the Driver (32-bit) and Application (64-bit)"

    I am using Windows 10 64-bit…

  • TotalTaxAmount SetTaxAmountByRow not working


    I am trying to update invoice's total tax  using below code

    TaxSummaryInfo taxSummaryInfo = journal.GetTotalTaxAmountInfo();
    if (taxSummaryInfo.GetCount() > 0)
    double totalTax = 10;
    taxSummaryInfo.SetTaxAmountByRow(1, totalTax);

  • Quoi de neuf dans la prochaine version 2020.2 de Sage 50 CA?

    Bientôt disponible! Une mise à jour du produit sera disponible pour Sage 50 CA 2020 commençant avec l'édition comptable le 29 juin 2020.

    Mises à jour de la paie

    Cette version 2020.2 comprendra des mises à jour sur…

  • Windows 7

    I have no intention of upgrading to Windows 10. Will Sage continue to work if I continue to install updates?


  • Les 4 grands changements technologiques et comment assurer la cybersécurité des données de l'entreprise

    De nombreuses entreprises dépensent encore des heures se soucier de la conformité, admin et l'avenir. L'avantage d'avoir un plan Sage Business Care est que vous aurez accès à du soutien technique. En fournissant ce service à nos utilisateurs, viens avec…

  • Set TimeSlips Payroll Income using C# .NET SDK

    Hello Friends,

    I am using SAGE 2019.2 SDK for importing time slips from my application.

    In sage, when I click on "Payroll Income ", its showing below payroll Items and I think, its coming from table "tCompPy5"

    I would like to do same…

  • Support for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Small Business Server 2011 is ending January 14, 2020

    For those of you worried about whether you'll still be able to run Sage 50 CA version 2020.1 on Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2, note that Microsoft will end support for Windows 7 as of January 14, 2020.

    "Any Sage 50 updates released after this…

  • Le support technique pour Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 et Windows Small Business Server 2011 prend fin le 14 janvier 2020.

    Pour ceux d'entre vous qui se demandent si vous pourrez toujours exécuter Sage 50 CA version 2020.1 sur Windows 7 ou Windows Server 2008 R2, notez que Microsoft mettra fin au support technique pour Windows 7 à compter du 14 janvier 2020.…

  • Sage 50 2019.3 email issue

    I have reinstalled Sage 50 2019.3 on a Dell laptop (Canadian Edition). Using Connection Manager v8.2.

    Outlook email on the laptop is working without issues. Outlook email via Sage 50 is not working properly. In most cases it takes a long time until the…

  • Get all active Sales Taxes


    I am trying to get all active Tax Codes and iit's taxes using .NET SDK.

    From tTaxAuth table, I can get all Taxes ,from tTaxCode I am able to get all taxcodes and from tTxCdDtl table I am able to get Tax rate for each Taxcode's tax.

    I have removed…

  • Missing MAPI32.DLL in .dll files loaded by the application - Can't send invoices through Outlook

    Hil guys and galls,

    I've been looking for a reason why I can't send my invoices by e-mail through Sage 50 and, after having read so many topics in the forums, I finally found out a very probable reason : my Sage 50 application seems to not load the MAPI32…

  • What are current regedit or gpedit fixes to bypass MAPI popups CLICK TO RUN Office 365?

    These worked in the past (Outlook 2010), but are not fixing the popups this time around with Outlook 2016 via Office 365 (click to run install).
    (see pics)

    Also, in Outlook Trust Center, Programmatic access is set to "never warn me..." but apparently…

  • Get up to speed in no time with our upcoming Sage 50 training courses this May 2019

    We offer a range of product training modules to ensure that you are proficient in the use of your Sage 50 software. Choose the training module that best suits your needs, or you can choose to take them all.

    WebEx Courses:

    Try our quick 90-min sessions…

  • What is Sage 50cloud? After purchase how do you get started?

    Looking at getting your hands on Sage 50cloud Canadian Edition?  The product features Accounting, inventory, and the capability to have payments integrated with Office 365. But What exactly do we mean by "cloud" in a computing context? What does it mean…

  • Part 3: Demo'ing the O365 Security & Compliance Center!

    Safeguard and control more of your organization's precious data. In Part 1 of this series on Office 365's Advanced Threat Protection, we introduced you to the features. Then in Part 2, we dove deeper into Office 365's data protection measures…

  • SalesJournal SetShipDate The field you are trying to change or function you are calling is not accessible under current circumstance.

    Hello Friends,

    I am using SAGE 2019.1 SDK for importing invoice in my application.

    I am getting error at the time of SetShip date "The field you are trying to change or function you are calling is not accessible under current circumstance.".

  • Partie 2: Office 365 et ses mesures de protection des données

    Il devient orageux dans la terre de données. Dans la première partie de cette série sur la protection contre les menaces avancées d'Office 365, nous vous avons présenté avec les fonctionnalités. Maintenant, pour la deuxième partie, nous allons plonger…

  • Part 2: Office 365 data protection measures

    It's getting stormy out there in data land. In Part 1 of this series on Office 365's Advanced Threat Protection, we introduced you to the features. Now for part two, we dive deeper into Office 365's data protection measures!

    The following…

  • Partie 1: Introduction aux fonctions avancées dans O365 qui protègent contre les menaces

    Utilisez-vous Sage 50 Cloud avec l'intégration Office 365? Gérez-vous la protection contre les menaces pour votre organisation?  Si c'est le cas, c'est possible que vous supposez que vous êtes entièrement protégé contre le spam et les…

  • Part 1: Introduction to O365's Advanced Threat Protection features

    Are you using Sage 50 Cloud with the Office 365 integration?  Do you manage  threat protection for your organization? If so, then perhaps you're assuming that you're fully protected from spam and malware. MS Office 365 does have Advanced Threat Protection…