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  • Sage 100 button link - pass variable to vbscript for shell call

    From Main Item Maint Panel

    I added a button link to run a vbscript, which runs a shell command.

    How can I pass the ItemCode to the vbscript.

    ' init vars

    Dim itemcode
    Dim oShell

    itemcode = "S-209220"        'hardcoded here works, but needs to change…

  • The program UP0023 has been deleted or damaged .net API Order Insert

    var view = OpenView("OE0520");


    view.Fields.FieldByName("ORDNUMBER").SetValue(order.OrderNumber, false);
    view.Fields.FieldByName("CUSTOMER").SetValue(order.CustomerID, true);

    This code is returning…

  • How to figure out errors ViewExceptions .NET API

    I'm trying to insert an order using the API - and I'm getting back an error that just says 6666

    How can I find what this means, and in general, is there a way to get the COM exceptions and error codes? I know how to get session.Errors, but that…

  • Sage .NET API Errors

    In the Session.Init method, I'm getting an error that just shows 1.4197.5

    I have no idea what this means and don't see documentation anywhere that explains it. Can anyone help on what this means?

  • Does ACCPAC.Advantage depend on Windows.Forms?

    Trying to use the .NET ACCPAC.Advantage library in a console app and it's saying I need a ref to windows.forms DLL? Is this normal? Do I really need win forms?

  • SAGE 50 Accounts integration with Microsoft 365

    We have run into a problem with integration. 

    We have updated Sage to V27 with the hope to be able to use Microsoft integration and new features.

    But Sage require full access to the MS Admin account, which is not possible for security reasons as all data…

  • Purchase Order Receipt not properly saving

    I'm working on an integration for a client and am trying to create PO Receipts using c# and Sage 100's BOI. The end result shows the vendor when I look at all PO Receipts, but the receipt is empty when I view the full receipt

    Here are the current…

  • Does Sage 100 support any Single Sign-On (SSO) Methods? If so, which ones?

    All of the users in my company have separate SAGE 100 credentials and I wanted to see if there's a way to configure it so that they can authenticate through LDAP instead. I also wanted to see what other authentication methods there are out there for…

  • API with Sage 50

    Hello, could someone guide me where I can get instructions on how to do API with Sage 50 CA?

    Thank you

  • MS Office or Office 365


    We are considering to purchase Sage50 Cloud Quantum Accounting.

    On the pricing page ( close to the bottom reads "Requires a license to Microsoft 365 Business Standard."

    The system…

  • ODBC field in MSAccess has wierd characters

    I just connected Sage Peachtree to MSAccess (365) via ODBC.  I have the table linked in Access.  when i open the table in Access, a couple of the fields have wierd characcters.

    I can't identify in PT what table those fields are coming from to verify their…

  • Windows 11 Compatibility

    I would like to know when Sage 50 will be compatible with Windows 11.

  • Calling SOAP X3 Web service from .NET 5 (.NET CORE)


    I am trying to integrate .NET core application with Sage X3 and I am getting correct SOAP response (by intercepting client message) but it is failing to deserialize to CAdxResultXml type. If I change the return type of response as 'Object' , I am getting…


    Where can I find a document or a user guide on how to integrate Sage 300 2020 PJC and Microsoft Projects 2016. Please advice

  • Excel Addin for Macbook

    Can some one please help me where can i get excel add-in for MacBook.

    If the answer is CSV , than let me elaborate there are few additionally added field those data are not getting captured properly in CSV Format.

    DO we have any work around for this or…

  • View Only user unable to use Excel Add-In??

    Hi Team,

    We just discovered that View Only users are unable to use SEI's Excel Add-in feature, they receive an error stating:

    Authentication Denied

    You are not allowed to use this function!

    Is this by design, are we missing out on something or a bug…

  • VendorReceiptFactory filtering

    I would like to filter the List with a customer ID.  The VB code looks like this:

         Dim p As Sage.Peachtree.API.VendorReceiptList =
         Dim vendorFilter = PropertyFilterExpression.Equal(PropertyFilterExpression…

  • Sage 300 2021 Default Install

    Is there any documentation that shows what software gets installed when you install Sage 300 2021 from scratch?  For example, if I took a clean Windows 10 client machine without any third-party software installed (just the OS), and immediately installed…

  • 'Access Database Engine' no longer needed? ACE now directly available via Office 365 and Office 2016/2019 (Click-to-run versions?

    AccPac/Sage300 have long been able to import/export using Office file formats. However, despite Office being installed on the same computer as Sage300, Sage300 (nor any other apps) could take advantage of the Access Database Engine (ACE) to support those…

  • Office 64-bit Integration & Support?

    What's the latest word on Sage 300 and Office integration?  Today we are running Sage 300 2018 and we are currently limited to Office 2019 32-bit.  We are upgrading to Sage 300 2021 this spring but it doesn't appear that Sage 300 2021 supports 64-bit…

  • What users rights are required to modify a Sage integration with Access?

    Does Sage 300 have an active integration with Microsoft Access, or is it a manual process?

    Which users rights are necessary to modify the integration, and change what is sent from Sage 300 to MS Access?

  • ETA on .NET 5+ Compatibility with Sage 50 SDK/API?


    I was wondering if there is a rough timeline for compatibility with .NET 5+ (formerly known as .NET Core) with the Sage 50 SDK/API?

    Apologies if I'm missed a similar question on the forums; I made a best-effort to check before asking.  As far…

  • Tutoriel Sage 100cloud Hébergée - Sage 100- Comment consulter mes statistiques métiers en mobilité ?

    Bonjour à toutes et à tous,

    Dans le cadre des tutoriels de démonstration des fonctions clés des applications Sage 100, et en lien avec la précédente présentation , la vidéo du jour vous explique

  • Sage.Peachtree.API v2021.1.1.176 - SalesInvoice.Save() Issue

    Has anyone seen/resolved the following error when trying to save a sales invoice using SalesInvoice.Save()?

    Error: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index

    It worked fine before we switched…

  • creating an order


    I am trying to create an order using C# but I get an error with the "invoke" as below

     An unhandled exception of type 'System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException' occurred in mscorlib.dll
    Exception has been thrown by the target of…