• Tables where client invoice paid details are stored


    Could someone provide me the AT Invoice Payment table name?   We need this for an integration with a CRM.  Specifically we need to know what are the outstanding balances owen by our clients.   We made the same inquiry before but unfortunately the response…

  • Microsoft.Net framework error caused by Sage Exchange


    I've recently had a Microsoft.Net Framework error that started showing up about 2 months ago. I wasn't sure what was causing it, until I tried to process a credit card in Sage 50 and my program informed me that : Sage 50 is unable to process your…

  • Name of table with payments from customers.

    Hi everyone  

    Can anyone tell me the name of the table containing payments from clients in Sage 50 Canadian Edition? We are doing an integration with our CRM and are missing this information  

    Thank you  

  • RDA and Sage 50 Canada

    with the new update Autoentry can be used via RDA with Sage 50 Canada. 

    I have linked them as per directions. Under "view users" I see the 3rd party program linked. It uploads a few invoices and then it stops uploading and no longer see the third program…

  • Komet-Sage 50 Integration

    My client is processing both client and supplier invoices through Komet and then manually entering that same data in Sage 50 (Canadian Edition). 
    I am looking for an integrator to develop a tool that would allow for the creation of "IMP" files (the Sage…
  • API with Sage 50

    Hello, could someone guide me where I can get instructions on how to do API with Sage 50 CA?

    Thank you

  • Project/Job Costing for Machine Shop

    Hello! I am finding Sage 50 'lacking' in the project costing area. Specifically, we need entry/sort fields to get more specific reports from our timecards. I enter all job information through the timecard billing section to do payroll, but have to do…

  • Sage 50 Canadian Edition and Shopify Integration


    Does anyone have any information on whether or not Sage 50 will integrate with Shopify for an ecommerce solution with inventory integration?

    I have come up with a few old posts but have not seen if there is a current integration option that would…

  • Sage50 Accounting Consultant who can Develop an EDI map between our DiOMS Order Management System and Sage50 Quantum Accounting

    Looking for a Sage50 consultant in the Ontario Region(close to Ottawa) who can build an EDI map for a PO(850) and Invoice(810) into Sage50 Accounting?  Copies of the documents and fields be provided.   

    Please advise,


  • Solde d’ouverture clients & Fournisseurs


    je suis en train d’intégrer SAGE 50 comptabilité supérieur pour une entreprise qui faisait sa comptabilité sur Excel. 

    Je suis rendu à entrer dans le module client et fournisseur l’ensemble des factures en souffrance…

  • POS System that works with SAGE

    We are looking for a POS system that works with SAGE 50 Quantum - Canadian. Any thoughts or suggestions?

  • Does Sage50 have an add on program to be able to schedule service calls?

    I am looking for a program that integrates with Sage50 that schedules service calls, e-mails my customers when technicians are on their way, my technicians fill out the Invoices and then they are sent back to head office and then sends e-mails to customers…

  • Compatibilité Mac


    J'ai récemment fait l'achat de Sage 50 Pro.  Il est installé sur mon ordinateur fixe (pas un Mac).  Si j'achète un Mac, ce même logiciel sera-t-il compatible ou bien je dois acheter une version pour Mac.  

  • Conversion and integration

    I am converting our facility management and POS system.  For reporting purposes the accounting system was separated into 2 distinct GLs.  For the new system I need a single set of GL numbers.  We are in the first Q of our fiscal year and I would prefer to…

  • L'intégration de Sage Intelligence pour Sage 50 CA sera bientôt retiré

    Sage 50cloud retirera la solution Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud le 3 mai 2021. Gardez le contrôle des finances de votre entreprise avec une bibliothèque de rapports disponible dans Sage 50cloud Canadian Edition.

    IMPORTANT: à compter du…

  • Sage Intelligence's integration for Sage 50 CA is being retired

    Sage 50cloud is retiring the Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud solution on May 3, 2021. Keep in control of your business financials with a library of reports available within Sage 50cloud Canadian Edition.

    IMPORTANT: Effective May 3, 2021, Sage Intelligence…

  • GL account conversions

    I am looking for some third party GL account conversion assistance and a referral to a solid 3rd party reporting solution.  I need to converge 2 separate GLs (account conversion) but keep reporting separate.  Can anyone recommend a solid provider?  Thanks…

  • Is it possible to still get the 2011 CA SDK

    i'm trying to find a copy of the 2011 SDK.   Specifically for BCP1.

    I've tried all the usually places (Google, this forum, etc), but found nothing.

    Thank You,

  • MySQL Workbench connection to Sage 50 Canadian

    I have a Sage 50 Canadian company where I need to give access to my local version of MySQL Workbench.  Nowhere can I find instructions. Sage 50 Connection ,manager is running correctly. All suggestions welcome.


  • Sage Online/Cloud - 3rd Party Accounts Payable Solutions

    Good day Sage Family,  

    I am new to Sage online/cloud and I am wondering if anyone in the Sage world would know of any good 3rd Party Accounts Payable solutions? I used Telpay with Sage 50 Desktop which was extremely simple. I would pay suppliers to a…

  • Form Data Export to CSV

    We are trying to use the Form Data Export to CSV feature in Sage 50 Accounting Canadian addition and it does not seem to be working. According to the documentation this feature should function as per the info below, but It will not generate a CSV file…

  • RESTful API for Sage 50CA?

    Hi, Is there a  RESTful API for Sage 50CA?



  • Exporting sales invoices to .IMP file

    I have been tasked to make an .IMP file from custom made "one of a kind" software, for import of Sales Invoice data into Sage 50, Desktop version 2021.1.1.  As far as I can tell, from reading the import file structure guides, both in .Pdf format…

  • Customizing Sage 50: Integration with API - Needs 24 hour access. How can we still do backups?

    We are working with a third party to integrate our web orders and inventory with Sage.

    They need 24/7 access. How can we still perform a back up since we can't go to single user mode?

    Are there any specialists we can go to for help to customize…

  • Issue setting up bank feeds - unable to sign in to Royal Bank

    I am setting up Sage 50 Cloud Premium Accounting - Canadian and trying to set up bank feeds.

    I cannot sign into the bank in Sage50 as we get an error saying there is an issue with the sign-in credentials.

    However - no issues when we try to sign into Royal…