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  • Servus Credit Union Bank Feed Issues

    I have had numerous problems with the Servus Credit Union bank feeds. They do not offer a Excel or CSV bank statement which is ridiculous. However, I was able to connect the bank feeds easily for two smaller accounts. The larger accounts I was unable…

  • Trying to return a Using ASYRRESTCLI.EXEC_REST_WSCLB how do I get my RETVAL to bring back more than 250 Chars?

    Hi There I am trying to return a Using ASYRRESTCLI.EXEC_REST_WSCLB how do I get my RETVAL to bring back more than 250 Chars?

    Here is my code 

  • Sage 2017 - 64A can't login through C# App.

    Wrote simple app to simulate login into Sage 300 in C#

    i can query the company names... but when i try to actually use a password and login user it gives me Invalid Signon Information error message, anyone know what i'm doing wrong?

    session = new…

  • Connecting PayEdge ( Formally WayPay)

    I am trying to figure out why I cannot connect our Royal Bank PayEdge account (formally WayPay) to Sage accounting.  

    I keep getting an error code when I am prompted for the Sage login information from PayEdge.   The SAGE company is set up as shared and has…

  • BOI PO_PurchaseOrder creation.

    Background: We're using the C# NuGet package.

    When I have a session object (Sage100.ObjectManagement.MasSession), I'm able to do the following (though, actual creation inevitably fails because of needed line items).

    var createObject = session…

  • Sending reports with outlook

    Does anyone know if it's possible to integrate Outlook with Sage X3?  We want Sage to open an new outlook message when we pick the email report option.  Right now when it sends an email, it doesn't show anything in the sent items in outlook.  We…

  • Sage CRM becomes frozen when using Entity Table Script to update Accpac after upgrading server OS

    Hello, I am dealing with a situation that I have been thron into. we currently are running SageCRM 200 V7.0 on a windows 2008 server. We also have AccPac 200 ERP (Version 5.6). We have a Entity Level Table Script in "Company" that is set to upgrade the…

  • Sage FAS integration with Intacct

    Is the integration with Sage Intacct via API or does it require a CSV export/import?

  • Integrate Allworx with CRM

    Client has Allworx phone system and is looking to automatically create Phone In / Phone Out Sage CRM Communications against recognised Customer/Prospect/Supplier callers id's along with duration (start / end times) and user based on the call data records…

  • Credit Card Integration

    We use Sage 50 software and need an online credit card integration system. 

    Quickbooks online supports a credit card integration that is wonderful. The business owner decides who gets a card, their spending limit, etc.  Charges show up automatically. The…

  • Scanco Operations management Data Collector

    Hello All

    We do not utilize payroll in sage and I am attempting to import our labor into operations Mangement via Direct time entry DATA COLLECTOR.

    The system is unfortunately not returning any usable error messages (actually none at all.)

    Does anyone…

  • Sales / Project CRM Tracking Software

    Good day,

    Wondering what other companies use for keeping track of communication on active projects as well as potential projects. We previously were using email Public Folders and now have converted to Microsoft Teams - but setting up a new team for every…

  • Does anyone use Stampli automated payables with Sage 300 CRE; if so, I have questions about automated integration into Sage.

    If you are using Stampli and have Sage 300 CRE in place, please let me know - we are currently having to create an Excel file to import into Sage from Stampli as well as importing check payment information into Stampli.

    Is true automation even possible…

  • quantum 2023 local network vs cloud

    We have been notified by Sage that support for this product will not be renewed when it finished on august 2023 unless we migrate it to the cloud. We have been trying to know advantages and disadvantages of this movement and as of today do not have this…

  • Can x3 make maintenance management ?

    Can x3 make  maintenance management or it's necessary to establish the link to a CMMS software ?

    The ideia is to make projects, establish deadlines, objectives, costs and maintain process connected, and if it is possible all in the ERP.

  • cloud issues

    ok let me start off by saying im not tech savey

    i want to be able to do cloud backup , but keep getting this error

    Troubleshooting details
    If you contact your administrator, send this info to them.
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  • Sage 300 Integration with AQ and Procore

    Hey guys,

    First things first, I'm extremely green to Sage 300 and I'm looking for as much information as I can possibly get together. 

    Long story short, I want to get my company integrated with Procore and Auto Quotes. AQ is a must as it's industry…

  • Communicating Inactive employees with TimeStar

    I am a new TimeStar administrator. I've terminated employees and made them inactive in Sage HRMS, but they still show active in TimeStar. Anyone know if there is an additional step I need to take in Sage for this to transfer over correctly?

  • Is anyone out there using planogram software that pulls data from Sage?

    Hi all, we are interested in planogram software that can pull inventory details from Sage - dimensions, UOM conversion info, etc... maybe even the ability to create a planogram from an order/invoice.... I know it's a very broad topic but we're just getting…

  • Unable to upload PDF file attached to email

    Client is using Sage CRM 2023R1 and using new email import from exchange.  Never had an issue prior but now CRM will not allow import of PDF file saying that it is restricted.  We checked the setting to "Allow file name extensions for upload" and pdf is…

  • Sage 100 and Buildertrend

    We are a home builder using Sage 100 for our accounting. Does anyone use Buildertrend for their construction management software? If so, how do you import / export information between the two? Thank you, 

  • Push to Mailchimp fails when there are duplicate emails

    I have reviewed old posts re this issue but there is not an answer. Are there plans to rectify this in the 'Send to Mailchimp' function?

    It is a legitimate entry within CRM to have more than 1 contact sharing a group email. If you build a group…

  • How to login to SEI - Excel Add-Ins?


    How to login to SEI - Excel Add-Ins?

    Note that access to the company intranet is not given and must be accessible through the Internet.

    Ref used:

    - Main:

    - My excel…

  • ExakTime, Sage 100 Contractor, and equipment


    We are landscape contractor and are looking to increase our use of Sage 100C. Part of this process is field entry for time keeping. Our payroll department likes ExakTime but I want to be very comfortable with equipment tracking for billing and…

  • Integration how to query Sage Fixed Assets database from external system

    Can anyone provide how-to information for integrating with Fixed Assets?  We want an external system (OneStream) to pull data from our Sage database.  Either by an SQL query connection, or an API call, or Other method.  Hoping to avoid manual exports from…