Any body out there know what is required to import from Concur, our expense provider?

Anybody know of an easy way to import expense items from a Concur file export?

Alternatively would anyone know how I can export GL strings for each company managed in Sage?



  • In the Sage 50 Canadian 2015.3 Quantum that I'm using today, there is an example in the online program help, showing how to format a text file for importing a G/L transaction.

    If you want to import vendor invoices as payable invoices, there are instructions in the online program help for that as well. If this needs to happen while others are using the software, or if you want more detailed examples, you might want to download the (free) Sage 50 Canadian SDK (dev-Import.PDF). (I would offer you a direct URL, but Sage reorganizes their website too often for that to better than a web search.)

    The Sage 50 import format is sort of mostly comma delimited, and resembles XML. (In the same way that Orcs resemble Elves, and presumably for the same reason).

    I hope that helps, please post back.