• Sage 50 Quantum - Create a Positive Pay File

    Has anyone ever created a Positive File for Sage 50 Quantum version?

    DUE UPON RECEIPT is something I have also seen questioned. Can you not add something to the program that would default to "Due Upon Receipt" iwhen the terms are set to 1? This is something that should be printed on the invoice when a customer has no terms…
  • Invoice Form

    I've customized my invoice form. On the customization, it looks correct in the comment section. When I create an invoice and print it, there is additional type showing in the comment box - shipped by, Tracking number and Sold by, is there a setting to…
  • C 39 Barcode Font in Sage50 Forms Designer

    Hello All, I am trying to create a new data field in Sage50 Form Designer (set to Purchase Order) and I want to generate a barcode from it. Where can I find the font to install so I can generate a barcode. Thanks
  • how to customize a purchase order form

    i have tried to no avail to customize the PO form I can change the place mats at the top to include the Project name and the quote number. however, when i go to save it, this does not work any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thank you
  • Customer Statements

    We are a building supply retailer. When contractors come in to buy supplies they will often "tag" the job-site that the supplies are being purchased for. One contractor asked if these tags could be shown on his statement. So far I haven't been able to…
  • Can Sage desktop issue invoice in both English and Chinese?

    Can Sage desktop issue invoice in both English and Chinese?
  • Sage 50 Sales Invoice Columns

    I am importing data into Sage from a 3rd party software. Each of the transactions has a BOL# associated to it. When the data is imported, the quantity, product, price, etc. all import correctly - but I am unable to find a field in Sage 50 for a transaction…
  • Balance sheet Wording

    Take a look at the Capital Assets Totals My Balance Sheet generates the amounts correctly but the wording is confusions. Under the Capital Assets section there are two totals. "Total Current Assets" and "Total Capital Assets" both lines have the same…
  • Pay Now Button

    Can you move the location of the Pay Now button on invoices?
  • Sage 50 v14 Custom Report Design issues

    Hi, I need a simple custom spreadsheet from Sage 50 v14 with the sections below grouped out in date order, for a date range of say 11-12-22 to 10-01-23. I have to produce this each month using a laborious Bank Reports > Export to Excel cut and paste…
  • Sales Invoices

    Is there a spot to enter a customers Purchase Order number on a Sales Invoice? Seems to me its a very important piece of an order, yet I can't find where to enter it for my customers ! (I have Sage 50 Premium)
  • Reversing Payables View (invoicing)

    I have Payables with long standing invoice history. Can I change the View so the newest is at the top and descending from there to oldest? Thank you for any suggestions.
  • Sales Invoices

    How do I add a Customer Order / Purchase Order number field for Sales Invoices?
  • Invoice view

    How do I make it so the contact does not show on invoice for the customer invoices
  • Icons Squished

    I have found my icons are so big, they are all squished together, making them unreadable in a way different from having super tiny icons. I tried changing the settings, but the icons remain all squished together in the ENHANCED VIEW. The CLASSIC VIEW…
  • How can one find all the inventory items for a specific customer?

    When one tries to modify an inventory item, one can only search by the Item Number. It is easier to remember the Supplier. Could one add another radio button to search by customer/supplier? But here is what I struggle with the most. When one is trying…
  • 2022 Wage & Rent Subsidy - 12 month average Income Statement

    How do we run the P&L for the new wage and rent subsidy programs? Is it possible to create a 12 month P&L custom report?
  • Allowing Fund Allocations

    Sage will allow you in the chart of accounts to check off "Allow Fund Allocations" for any account as far as I can tell. The fund reporting module will allow you to see income and allocations of funds to income and expense accounts in either a summary…
  • Customize forms - Sales Invoice

    How do I change the font size to a larger size? I want the name under Sold to: larger and the body of the invoice larger font also. Can I delete the words on the bottom of the invoice - Shipped By, Tracking Number and Sold By
  • Rename custom field names under the "Additional info" tab to something other than "field 1" ?

    Can you rename the custom field names under the Additional info tab to something other than "field 1" ? I need to add a customer & vendor ID to each customer/vendor record to run integration from another software. Since Sage 50 does not have a visible…
  • Pre-Printed Cheques - RBC Format Settings in Sage

    HI I have ordered Pre-Printed Cheques from D+H , we are with RBC. I am unable to complete my settings , Sage advised me to use Easy Align formst My problem is that Sage is printing Cheque number on cheque . How can I fix this or which one is the…
  • How do I include Prev Yrs Vac Bal on Pay checks

    Our accountant totally changed the GL structure of our accounting system, so we had to set up a whole new company file. In our old SA company the Previous Years Vacation Balance showed up on our pay checks, but I cant figure out how to get this to show…
  • Custom Reports

    Wondering what software others are using to create custom reports in SAGE 50Canadian Premium Edition? I need to create more specific layout of reports that aren't offered in SAGE 50C's Report menu. Any particular programs that work well with SAGE 50C…
  • Add subtotal and total tax to bottom of invoice

    I have already figured out how to add the subtotal as a separate line item, but is there a way to get the subtotal and total tax to appear at the bottom of a custom invoice? Somewhere just above the total instead of as a line item. I don't like how…