Sage 2020.2 RDA/Outage

I need help!! I am just about at my witts end. 

I've been trying to contact sage every day since October 14th. I've spoken to people on the chat which the first person sent me to knowledgebase article (107248), as my original problem was that I could not connect my laptop to sage. So the next day on my work computer (with my most recent sage file), I follow the steps in the article. 

Now, when I try to share the file I get this message "Company file with the same ID is currently being shared. If you want to share this copy, you need to open the other company file and stop sharing." Well, seeing as I can't open the company file on any computer other than my own, that doesn't work.

I tried to get my colleague to open the file on her computer and the error she gets is "This shared company is already open". I get the same error when I try to connect to a shared company from the startup window.

The second time I spoke to someone on the chat and explained these issues they said they could not help me and to call the sage support line which is so busy, every time I call I get "Due to an unusually high call volume we're unable to assist you at this time, please try again later."

The chat person then told me to call the US support line and to be transferred to Canada, well they were also very busy, luckily they had a callback feature. 2 hours later someone called me back she said she was going to transfer me, then I got "an error occurred." And the phone hung up.

I have followed the following knowledgebase articles:

1. Cannot access my data on RDA/Sage Drive (107248)

2. How to share a company data file using RDA

3. A company file with the same ID is currently being shared (105714) - I cannot do solution 2 as I do not have an old backup from the 2020.1 version as that was overwritten from making newer backups. If I have to open this file from the end of June after our year-end and re-enter all of my transactions from that date I will be looking into other accounting software options.

I feel like I'm running in circles trying to figure this out and I'm getting quite frustrated that it is SO DIFFICULT to get through to sage.

  • Hi Kasey, 

    Thank you for reaching out and apologies with the difficulty reaching us on the phones. I was able to find your account ending  #400xxxxx944 and reviewed the notes. The earliest scheduled callback timeslot available was on Monday, see your email (I used the one tied to your Sage City profile) for a confirmation.

    You should still be in the support queue with your work in progress (status) chat support ticket 800xxxxx3614 for today still. This number can be entered to request a Support callback from 1-888-522-2722. I tested this out and was able to get through to the callback option and input your phone number ending 7xx-xxx-4361 (this is also the same number given for Monday's scheduled callback).
    Fire Do email me at [email protected] if this is the wrong number to reach you at.


    For RDA errors 'shared company is already open', 'company file is already shared with the same id'

    • BEFORE attempting to disconnecting from the internet or restoring a backup see if you are able to log in to the file on another machine, see if it is the user or the sysadmin/owner who is not able to log on.
    • On the other machine if you are able to log in and open the file on another machine, then log in as the sysadmin/owner of the file on that machine.
    • Stop the sharing
    • Then reshare the file
    • Go back to the computer with the issue
    • Try to connect to a shared company and connect to the newly shared file

      NOTE: you should only be trying to disconnect from internet if the error is related to the outage that happened on Oct 8 and you've not been able to access the file since then.

    Another item is the naming of the offline file that is being re-uploaded. This is detailed in STEP 3 of the blog: How to replace or re-share a Sage 50 CA company file for Remote Data Access?. It states:

    • Check your file naming, pull out weird characters  (_ or .) when saving the file to your computer.
    • Update for users impacted by the RDA issue on Friday October 9th, 2020, if you are unable to go into the company to stop sharing it, try renaming the local copy that is being created before sharing it. Your original company will still be listed but will become an “orphaned” copy of the company. The Sage KB 107248 provides further details on how to access Sage 50 CA > Settings > Company info, to rename the data file. See below:

    If all of the above has been tried and the re-share still fails. The fix could require data repair, a request for that needs to be escalated / requested by Level 2 support.

    Warm Regards, 

  • Hi Erzsi,

    How did you get to the callback option on that line? I've called it numerous times..
    1 - for English

    3 - for support

    At the end of the schpeel, it says to try again later. Is there a completely different option you need to select to get a callback? As when I tried calling the US number the call back option was at the very end of the schpeel after selecting option 3 for support.

    I don't believe you actually read what I wrote as I said I've already performed the steps in article #107248.

    So, the problem started on October 14th when I tried logging in on my laptop but I couldn't access my sage file, so I then asked the sage chat for support, I was told to follow the steps in article 107248. The next day at work with my most recent sage file I followed those steps. 

    Had they not told me to do those steps then yes I believe disconnecting & reconnecting would have worked but here we are as a sage employee gave me instructions on how to fix my problem but instead has completely screwed my RDA access. 

    As for that other step of renaming the local file, I have done that probably 10 separate times already and I still cannot share my company file.

    I appreciate your copy-paste responses but I found all of that information in the knowledge base, Derrick has already called me and supplied me with his email address. I will try to get this sorted with him. He mentioned that the file will need to be repaired.

    Thank you for your time.

  • For anyone reading this... My file needed to be sent to sage for repair. There was absolutely nothing I could have done on my end to remedy this.