Quick year-end question? Drop by Sage Live Tutor for Sage 50--Canadian Edition

Got a year-end question? Instead of calling in and waiting on hold, get live help through Sage Live Tutor—an online “meeting room” with customer questions answered live by a Sage expert.

Think of it like talk radio.  You submit your question through our online meeting room and a Sage expert answers it live over the internet.  And everyone can hear each question as its asked—some of which are sure to be topics you’re interested in as well!

“Sage Live Tutor” will be available every business day in January. Drop in anytime starting January 2, 2019 from 9am to 5pm ET / 6am to 2pmPT through January 31, 2019, for:

To participate, simply:

  1. Join Sage Live Tutor Now
  2. After choosing 'Register' for the desired time slot for the Live Tutor Session, simply click the "Join Now" button--it is not necessary to have an event password to join.
  3. To join the audio portion of the conference, call the phone number listed and use the Conference ID.

It's easy! 

*NOTE: Questions will only be addressed about the latest supported version of Sage 50—US Edition / Canadian Edition. Questions which are specific to a customization or a way an organization specifically does business cannot be addressed during this time—please contact Support at 1-888-522-2722 (Sage 50 CA) for assistance.

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  • Hi

    Join a meeting with me at sagena.webex.com/.../g.php
    I might be able to help you with this. Call me at 18774725819 with conference room ID 7940951449. If you don't hear me speaking, its because I can't hear you. Use the live chat on there as well

  • I am getting the following error message "An error occurred while moving current year's data to last year.  As a result, the new year could not be started.  Please either restore your company file from back up or run an advanced database check."

    When I run the ADC I get the following message "Your Sage 50 data is working correctly.  However, if you need to access your data with an application other than Sage 50, some of the data may not be accessible due to permission issues."

    How do I resolve this to start my new year?