End of support for Sage 50 CA version 2018, what's next?

Support for the Sage 50 Canadian Edition 2018 version ended on March 31, 2019. Have you installed and updated your data to the 2019 version yet?

Is your Sage Business Care plan active?

If it is, then you can use the resources below to retrieve the download and your product codes.
Tip: Save a copy of the install files somewhere safe!





 Version 2019

93404 (FULL  product download)

94858 (update only)

260-1009020 (Téléchargement complet du produit)
260-1009035 (mise à jour seulement)


Why upgrade?

Staying up to date and compliant with the latest regulations, product updates, enhancements / fixes is important for keeping your systems and data secure. Integrations with services generally also require you to be on the latest version of the software to be able to use them. Payroll tax table updates for example are only created and provided for the currently supported version of the software.

What does this mean for users on older versions of Sage 50?

Nothing should prevent users on older software from continuing to work with their version (unless an expired subscription has put the software into read-only mode…  contact Sage 50 CA sales at 1-888-261-9610 if that's the case).  The support team can assist in reviewing issues to provide solutions. Tailored resolutions can take considerable time and resources to create which is why they are only provided for the newest release of the software.

This helps us focus in on and provide optimal software . Trust, compliance and security is what Sage is committed to. 

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