Can't open new Sage file

Yesterday I created a new Sage file for a new client... nothing special or unsual... a simple sole proprietorship looking to handle payroll for three employees.

This morning I realized I needed to have the Sage file I just created moved to another location on the server... I moved my Sage folder containing the Sage .SAI file just created, and its corresponding .SAJ folder, to the new new location.

FYI, NO transactions nor employees have yet been added to the Sage file, I was hoping to do that this morning.

It's now broken and I'm loosing my mind... all I get is the error message per the screen capture below.

I've started and stopped the connection manager and rebooted my compter three times now, to no avail. I even tried starting from scratch, and Sage seems to want to hang onto to the 'old' issue despite my saying save over the file I first created.

Anyone have any ideas?


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    Sometimes the fix for this is to put the files back in their old location, open them in Sage, and use Save As within Sage to make a copy in the new location.  No idea why this should work, but it often does for us.

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    I agree with C. White if your going to move the files to a new network location do SAVE A COPY within Sage and save to new location. Perhaps when you moved the folders to new location not all the files were copied.