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Chat Support is an ideal way for the VIP Support Desk to assist our customers who have quick questions that require quick answers (non-investigative payroll related queries). Please note that If the query is too complicated or requires an investigation - you will be referred to email support. 

  • Sage 200c VIP users can access the Instant Chat easily from the main menu of any payroll company.
  • Classic and Premier users must access the Customer Zone, select the Support Base, Get Support. Click on Instant Chat and start chatting.

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Please take note of the following:

Chat support is available during the following office hours:

Monday – Thursday 08h00 – 17h00

Fridays 08h00 – 16h00

Weekends and public holidays: Closed

Should you use Instant Chat after hours, we will respond to your query on email, the following business day.

  • Good day

    I am so frustrated, support is no longer what it was. I really don't know what to say. I am struggling to get assistance since last Thursday no one just bothers. 

  • I agree with you Melanie. Something at Sage has gone horribly wrong. They are trying to shift us to this badly conceived help yourself (if you can figure it out, on Sage City), and telephonic support has become a frustrating, hit and miss affair. The problem is that if you think your telephonic support person is useless, then you have to sit on the phone for another 45 minutes (from my personal cellphone because I have to work from home), before you can get through to the next warm body. Sage's handling of the TERS Report has been poor to say the least. If Sage does not get its act together soon as far as support is concerned, I will be looking for an alternative payroll software supplier.  

  • Frustrat -  I agree with you 200% - the levels of service have deteriorated and I too cannot figure out Sage City nor do I have the time - telephonic support is dismal to say the least - the poor staff manning the lines - they have my sympathy but that said, when I need help I need it NOW - that is why I call the support line - I put in a request for a Consultant on 7/5/20 - phone last Friday 15/5/20 and am still waiting .... I live in hope! 

    Sage best get their act together soon because I am seriously considering looking for an alternative payroll software supplier!

  • Hi I am sorry for the frustration you are experiencing please will you send an email to our customer care team so that they can follow this up for you. Heidi

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