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Chat Support is an ideal way for the VIP Support Desk to assist our customers who have quick questions that require quick answers (non-investigative payroll related queries). Please note that If the query is too complicated or requires an investigation - you will be referred to email support. 

  • Sage 200c VIP users can access the Instant Chat easily from the main menu of any payroll company.
  • Classic and Premier users must access the Customer Zone, select the Support Base, Get Support. Click on Instant Chat and start chatting.

Give our Chat Support a try – we’re sure you will love it!

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Additional help options

Please take note of the following:

Chat support is available during the following office hours:

Monday – Thursday 08h00 – 17h00

Fridays 08h00 – 16h00

Weekends and public holidays: Closed

Should you use Instant Chat after hours, we will respond to your query on email, the following business day.

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